Thursday, November 26, 2009

The banning of Amaral's book is a step forward in the struggle for the truth he covered up on behalf of perverts

Robert Argiz, et al.

September 19, 2009.

Gerald and Kate McCann
Rothley, Leicester.   Britain 

Mr. and Mrs. McCann: 

Having obtained a favourable judicial decision against the infamous campaign by Goncalo Amaral aimed at both of you, and with the purpose of sidetracking the attention from focussing on the truth of the case related to your daughter Madeleine, is important as it helps to debunk the ridiculous and fallacious theory that she died in the room and that you disappeared her body, all with the intent to cover up on behalf of others what he truthfully knows regarding the kidnapping of your daughter.

At this point, there is not a valid reason to get tired of repeating as many times as necessary that Goncalo Amaral and his associates know the truth related to the abduction of your daughter Madeleine. This assertion is made on the basis of extra knowledge acquired by subjects who were closer to inner Portuguese circles, wherein prominent social figures identified with the well-known entrenched paedophilia under world there, were the source of related information. Despite not being able to show tangible evidence to prove this it is nevertheless guaranteed not to be a mere subjective opinion. There are worthy objective reasons linked to the personal conduct of individuals arising from the idiosyncrasies of too many Portuguese men in the officialdom range, who are deeply involved in the realm of perversion within a country famously awash with hard-core paedophiles, and Goncalo Amaral has first-hand knowledge and information on them. He should become a subject of interest to the investigators. It is understandable that you may prefer to shun this reality as a valid element with which to look into it or investigate the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine, but when and if you do, an important and evident component of the entire matter is being overlooked. Should there be any doubts regarding the validity of this element embodied in the person of Goncalo Amaral, all you would have to do is look at the background of his performance since he was assigned to the case by then police chief Paulo Cristovao after Madeleine was abducted. If you did this, inevitably you will soon or later, encounter an assortment of meaningful reasons that will give you hints and contribute to enlighten you in understanding with clarity the dimension and depth of this terrible crime committed against Madeleine and you as parents. The abduction of your daughter was a well-planned operation for specific reasons and by whomever in inner Portuguese officialdom circles, on behalf of one or more very powerful individuals in the elite class. It would be naive to think otherwise.   I can't send you prima facie evidence to show you but I know this is what happened and Goncalo Amaral knows the truth he was able to distort very effectively for the purpose of obtaining the desired results. His book is the ultimate manifestation of the success in twisting reality to his advantage, while protecting the interests of those on behalf of whom the abduction of Madeleine was executed with precision. She will not be found by using conventional investigative methods. Most or all child abductions within Portugal, were linked either directly or indirectly to the officialdom, and were meant to be permanent and irreversible thanks to their structure unofficially used to protect the real culprits when they periodically occur. In the history of child abduction in that country not one was found and though this does not sound encouraging it is the reality. Portugal does not have a high rate of child abduction like the United States or Britain do where kids go missing every day.

The judicial decision to ban Goncalo Amaral's book and DVD is in itself a positive step forward towards the possibility of uncovering the plot-like conspiracy aimed at suppressing the truth of an unsolved crime. His book should not be taken seriously because it is an unproved statement, put forward as a premise in an argument over something that has not been shown with solid evidence. He insists that Madeleine is dead as a result of you actions, but there is not a cadaver to prove his unfounded and fallacious claims. Again, he wrote a book and conducted a fake "investigation" of the crime only to give apparent legitimacy to something he knew was false and intended only to be a cover up. 
Robert Argiz, et al.

Friday, November 20, 2009

An open letter to Jose Manuel Barroso on the abduction of Madeleine McCann

Robert Argiz, et al.

November 19, 2009

Mr. José Manuel Durao Barroso
European Commission
Rue de la Roí 200
Brussels, Belgium. 1049

Mr. Barroso:

My name is Robert Argiz and I write you on behalf of myself and the community I live in regarding the kidnapping case of Madeleine McCann.

The Global Analysis International Intelligence Agency with headquarters in London, and led by veteran investigative Journalist Christopher Edward Harley Story [know also as Christopher Story] published on his website, an intelligence journalistic analysis which included a piece related to the case of kidnapped British child Madeleine Beth McCann, daughter of Gerald and Kate McCann from Leicester in Britain. 

According to the report-analysis, you ordered the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann after seeing her pictures shown to you three days before she was abducted on May 3, 2007 and is now being held in captivity on your orders. The report-analysis informed also that on August 7, 2007 detective John Shore from the London Metropolitan Police intelligence unit confirmed that Madeleine McCann, was kidnapped on orders by a high ranking member at the European Commission, through individuals working for a paedophile organisation in Belgium with presence in Portugal, after receiving her pictures as an attachment in an e-mail message sent from a computer located in Praia da Luz. In addition, Mr. Story told an audience that his decision to publish your name was based on his indignation resulting from death-threats he received, by an unidentified man who spoke on your behalf demanding that the intelligence journalistic agency, abstain from mentioning you as the individual ultimately responsible for the crime. More detailed information based on the report can be obtained on this blog.

Our balance position on this matter is tilted towards the report published by the Christopher Story journalistic intelligence agency on the basis of its world renowned professional weight. We share the profession with the prestigious Christopher Story journalistic intelligence agency, but do not come near their level of sophistication and experience on the type work they have done throughout the past forty years, which include advising past British governments on important national intelligence issues, not to mention several appearances before Congressional Committees in the United States on crucial international affairs. We find these and other reasons to suffice our belief that the Christopher Story agency did not lied, when they published their intelligence findings on your involvement in the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann. It would have been totally suicidal had they done so considering your position and influence in the European Commission. There is also the relevant element related to the death threat Mr. Story received by an unknown individual, who demanded that your name not be made public in connection with the case. This incidental fact inevitably triggers additional ideas that tilt the balance even more towards convincing us that after all, it is true what the Christopher Story intelligence agency reported. Why would you want to stop --by means of death threats-- someone from publishing your name on the case if you did not have anything to do with it?

Mr. Barroso, other than the available information we have already shared with you, we do not have tangible evidence or solid grounds of any type to accuse you of what the Christopher Story intelligence agency said you did, but we think that what they reported is true. Hence, on this basis we appeal to your humanity and beg you to p-l-e-a-s-e end this terrible ordeal the parents and family of Madeleine McCann have been going through for more than two years, by allowing the child to be returned to her parents and home where she belongs.

We thank you for your time and attention to this matter and apologise in advance if you feel that we have been an annoyance in any way.

Robert Argiz, et al.