Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sergey Malinka took pictures of Madeleine McCann on the beach?

Why was Sergey Malinka's car destroyed ? 

The Algarve Resident of Portugal reported on March 26, 2008 that a car belonging to Praia da Luz resident Sergey Malinka was destroyed by burning on the night of March 20, 2008. On the sidewalk next to where the car was parked the word "fala" ["talk" in Portuguese] was written in large letters. 

Who is Sergey Malinka?

Sergey Malinka is a Moldavian-Russian man who has been living in Praia da Luz for about seven [or more] years. He is considered to be an expert in computer-related stuff and as a result is well known and enjoys a high social profile. He also operates a computer store in Praia da Luz. On May 16, 2007 he was interviewed by the Portuguese police in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann on the night of May 3, 2007 from a room in an apartment at the Mark Warner Ocean Club in Praia de Luz. When the police arrived at his apartment to question him, he had already wiped clean the hard drive of his personal computer which contained hundreds of files known only to him. He denied any involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the police could not arrest nor charge him with anything for a lack of evidence. How did Malinka found out the police were going to his place to question him in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann? If he didn't have anything to hide why did he wipe clean the files on his computer? As a matter of record for anyone to verify, Sergey Malinka telephoned former suspect in the case Robert Murat on or about 10:30 pm on May 3, 2007 - just some 30 minutes after Madeleine McCann went missing. Phone records show that both men were in continuous contact during the crucial hours after her disappearance. In addition, Robert Murat's mother Jennifer who operates a bed-and-breakfast business in Praia da Luz confirmed that both men had met and talked lengthily before and after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Also, in its edition dated August 7, 2007 the digital magazine Variedad published a report featuring information on Sergey Malinka and his relationship with Robert Murat. According to the report, Sergey Malinka has a criminal background related to paedophilia, and his relationship with Robert Murat is based on common business interests connected to child trafficking, on behalf of international organisations with presence in Portugal and involved in this highly lucrative criminal enterprise. Malinka mysteriously disappeared from Praia da Luz shortly after Madeleine McCann was snatched from the bed she was sleeping on. The report by Variedad also included information on a large number of child-porn videos and pictures that were found at Robert Murat's house during a search after the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann had occurred on the night of May 3, 2007.

Sergey Malinka was [or still is] employed as a trip organizer by the Corlett Lines Company who owns the yacht "Naomi Corlett" which was believed to be the vessel that left Portimao in the early afternoon hours of May 3, 2007 and headed towards the Marina in Lagos to be positioned near Praia da Luz. As a matter of record for anyone to verify, Malinka was [or still is] an organizer of expeditions to remote islands off the coast of Africa on behalf of the Corlett Lines Company, and was also involved in offering boat trips in the Mediterranean and to the North of Africa. These business activities show that he had access to sea vessels before May 3, 2007. Also, telephone communication records available confirm that Malinka called his wife that was on board the yacht after its arrival at the Marina in the early afternoon hours of May 3, 2007. All of these and other facts suggest that Sergey Malinka was either directly involved in or has vital information on the kidnapping and disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Sergey Malinka is also a man with different alias. According to reports published on the sergeant's inn website, Malinka is known also as "Nick Legaloff," "Nikolai Fedorenko," "Ivan Nikolayevich Petrov," and possibly other false names. Why so many fake names? What is he really up that requires him to use so many fake names? These and many more questions remained unanswered on an individual whose shadowy activities make him a subject of interest in connection with different events, including what links to the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann. But above all, the biggest unanswered question is: Why was his car destroyed, and the Portuguese word "fala" ["talk] written in large letters next to it?  Who wants him to "talk" about what? Whoever burned Malinka's car must have valid reasons to demand of him to "talk" in such a violent way. What does Malinka know that you and I don't regarding the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann?  May we suggest that investigators currently working on the case give consideration to this information?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The banning of Amaral's book is a step forward in the struggle for the truth he covered up on behalf of perverts

Robert Argiz, et al.

September 19, 2009.

Gerald and Kate McCann
Rothley, Leicester.   Britain 

Mr. and Mrs. McCann: 

Having obtained a favourable judicial decision against the infamous campaign by Goncalo Amaral aimed at both of you, and with the purpose of sidetracking the attention from focussing on the truth of the case related to your daughter Madeleine, is important as it helps to debunk the ridiculous and fallacious theory that she died in the room and that you disappeared her body, all with the intent to cover up on behalf of others what he truthfully knows regarding the kidnapping of your daughter.

At this point, there is not a valid reason to get tired of repeating as many times as necessary that Goncalo Amaral and his associates know the truth related to the abduction of your daughter Madeleine. This assertion is made on the basis of extra knowledge acquired by subjects who were closer to inner Portuguese circles, wherein prominent social figures identified with the well-known entrenched paedophilia under world there, were the source of related information. Despite not being able to show tangible evidence to prove this it is nevertheless guaranteed not to be a mere subjective opinion. There are worthy objective reasons linked to the personal conduct of individuals arising from the idiosyncrasies of too many Portuguese men in the officialdom range, who are deeply involved in the realm of perversion within a country famously awash with hard-core paedophiles, and Goncalo Amaral has first-hand knowledge and information on them. He should become a subject of interest to the investigators. It is understandable that you may prefer to shun this reality as a valid element with which to look into it or investigate the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine, but when and if you do, an important and evident component of the entire matter is being overlooked. Should there be any doubts regarding the validity of this element embodied in the person of Goncalo Amaral, all you would have to do is look at the background of his performance since he was assigned to the case by then police chief Paulo Cristovao after Madeleine was abducted. If you did this, inevitably you will soon or later, encounter an assortment of meaningful reasons that will give you hints and contribute to enlighten you in understanding with clarity the dimension and depth of this terrible crime committed against Madeleine and you as parents. The abduction of your daughter was a well-planned operation for specific reasons and by whomever in inner Portuguese officialdom circles, on behalf of one or more very powerful individuals in the elite class. It would be naive to think otherwise.   I can't send you prima facie evidence to show you but I know this is what happened and Goncalo Amaral knows the truth he was able to distort very effectively for the purpose of obtaining the desired results. His book is the ultimate manifestation of the success in twisting reality to his advantage, while protecting the interests of those on behalf of whom the abduction of Madeleine was executed with precision. She will not be found by using conventional investigative methods. Most or all child abductions within Portugal, were linked either directly or indirectly to the officialdom, and were meant to be permanent and irreversible thanks to their structure unofficially used to protect the real culprits when they periodically occur. In the history of child abduction in that country not one was found and though this does not sound encouraging it is the reality. Portugal does not have a high rate of child abduction like the United States or Britain do where kids go missing every day.

The judicial decision to ban Goncalo Amaral's book and DVD is in itself a positive step forward towards the possibility of uncovering the plot-like conspiracy aimed at suppressing the truth of an unsolved crime. His book should not be taken seriously because it is an unproved statement, put forward as a premise in an argument over something that has not been shown with solid evidence. He insists that Madeleine is dead as a result of you actions, but there is not a cadaver to prove his unfounded and fallacious claims. Again, he wrote a book and conducted a fake "investigation" of the crime only to give apparent legitimacy to something he knew was false and intended only to be a cover up. 
Robert Argiz, et al.

Friday, November 20, 2009

An open letter to Jose Manuel Barroso on the abduction of Madeleine McCann

Robert Argiz, et al.

November 19, 2009

Mr. José Manuel Durao Barroso
European Commission
Rue de la Roí 200
Brussels, Belgium. 1049

Mr. Barroso:

My name is Robert Argiz and I write you on behalf of myself and the community I live in regarding the kidnapping case of Madeleine McCann.

The Global Analysis International Intelligence Agency with headquarters in London, and led by veteran investigative Journalist Christopher Edward Harley Story [know also as Christopher Story] published on his website, an intelligence journalistic analysis which included a piece related to the case of kidnapped British child Madeleine Beth McCann, daughter of Gerald and Kate McCann from Leicester in Britain. 

According to the report-analysis, you ordered the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann after seeing her pictures shown to you three days before she was abducted on May 3, 2007 and is now being held in captivity on your orders. The report-analysis informed also that on August 7, 2007 detective John Shore from the London Metropolitan Police intelligence unit confirmed that Madeleine McCann, was kidnapped on orders by a high ranking member at the European Commission, through individuals working for a paedophile organisation in Belgium with presence in Portugal, after receiving her pictures as an attachment in an e-mail message sent from a computer located in Praia da Luz. In addition, Mr. Story told an audience that his decision to publish your name was based on his indignation resulting from death-threats he received, by an unidentified man who spoke on your behalf demanding that the intelligence journalistic agency, abstain from mentioning you as the individual ultimately responsible for the crime. More detailed information based on the report can be obtained on this blog.

Our balance position on this matter is tilted towards the report published by the Christopher Story journalistic intelligence agency on the basis of its world renowned professional weight. We share the profession with the prestigious Christopher Story journalistic intelligence agency, but do not come near their level of sophistication and experience on the type work they have done throughout the past forty years, which include advising past British governments on important national intelligence issues, not to mention several appearances before Congressional Committees in the United States on crucial international affairs. We find these and other reasons to suffice our belief that the Christopher Story agency did not lied, when they published their intelligence findings on your involvement in the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann. It would have been totally suicidal had they done so considering your position and influence in the European Commission. There is also the relevant element related to the death threat Mr. Story received by an unknown individual, who demanded that your name not be made public in connection with the case. This incidental fact inevitably triggers additional ideas that tilt the balance even more towards convincing us that after all, it is true what the Christopher Story intelligence agency reported. Why would you want to stop --by means of death threats-- someone from publishing your name on the case if you did not have anything to do with it?

Mr. Barroso, other than the available information we have already shared with you, we do not have tangible evidence or solid grounds of any type to accuse you of what the Christopher Story intelligence agency said you did, but we think that what they reported is true. Hence, on this basis we appeal to your humanity and beg you to p-l-e-a-s-e end this terrible ordeal the parents and family of Madeleine McCann have been going through for more than two years, by allowing the child to be returned to her parents and home where she belongs.

We thank you for your time and attention to this matter and apologise in advance if you feel that we have been an annoyance in any way.

Robert Argiz, et al.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Did Jose Manuel Barroso ordered the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann?

Is Madeleine McCann being held captive by orders of Jose Manuel Barroso?  

1. An important journalistic information breakthrough on the case of missing Madeleine McCann was made with revelations published by the Christopher Story intelligence publication, following the receipt of death-threats after releasing names of individuals. According to the information, behind the abduction of Madeleine McCann is a shadowy and dangerous criminal organisation known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst [DVD] from Germany with presence at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels. Christopher Story told readers that DVD has been extensively involved in paedophile child abduction criminal operations for many years, both in Europe and abroad. Selected children are kidnapped, degraded for extremely evil and perverse purposes, filmed and eventually murdered in the production of snuff films for the lucrative international child pornography trade. Elite and officialdom members in several countries, including Portugal, are either "clients" and/or agents of the DVD infiltrated in the social structure of the countries in which they operate. Christopher Story reported also that on August 7, 2008 detective John Shord from the Metropolitan Police of London confirmed that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped on orders by a member of the European Commission, through a paedophile organisation in Belgium but controlled by the Nazi deep-rooted DVD based in Germany.

2. Part of the procedure used by the DVD when planning to kidnap a child on behalf of a "purchaser" consist of taking pictures of different children and sending them to the "client" being serviced who then chooses one of them. The selected child is then abducted to meet the requirements of the "client." In the case of Madeleine McCann, after a DVD agent took pictures of her and other children at the beach, they were sent to Jose Manuel Barroso who selected her for his own gratification in line with paedophile practices within the European Commission. According to information published at http://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.com and on the Christopher Story website, the pictures were given to him after they came from a computer located in Praia da Luz. The DVD is operated in secrecy from the European Commission headquarters under the auspices of top leaders therein.

3. The current position of the DVD regarding Madeleine McCann is refusing to release any information on the child although her parents and some British officials believe that she is still alive. We do not think she is but certainly hope to be wrong. Furthermore, the DVD was conveyed that if Madeleine McCann is harmed [meaning murdered] beyond the abominable degree to which she has already been harmed, the consequences will be extreme and warned that the child must be release into the care of her parents, but Jose Manuel Barroso stands in the way to protect himself and others responsible for the crime. It was warned also that anyone concerned about the case must be aware of the consequences, if continuing with the exposure of it as it will compromise elite class members and prominent politicians in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, as well as paedophile individuals in the corrupt European Union structures. So according to this warning, we are at risk now by writing and publishing this piece of information for the public.

4. The website of activist David Icke published a report on the Madeleine McCann case investigated by an intelligence officer of the Gerard Group International. The report is dated 03/05/2008.

a) United Kingdom and Portuguese police knew for several days the exact location of Madeleine McCann after her kidnapping but nothing was done to rescue her.
b) Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by a paedophile ring linked to the covert German Deutsches Verteidigungs [DVD] intelligence criminal organisation with presence in Portugal.
c) Portuguese officialdom members deliberately frustrated the police investigation which degenerated into a laughable farce.
d) Madeleine McCann was taken out of the Praia da Luz area by sea and the original destination was a port in Antwerp, but was held for fifth teen days on a vessel in Moroccan territorial waters without the knowledge or consent of the Morocco government. The child was later taken to Belgian which is the place from where the kidnap orders originated from.
e) As of this writing, it is believed that Madeleine McCann is still alive but in grave mortal danger at the hands of those responsible for her being where she is now. This urgent situation requires prompt action without further delay, and every available intelligence resource of the United Kingdom and Portugal must be committed to finding and saving her from an inevitable death if she is not rescued.
f) The involvement of Portuguese, Belgian and German intelligence in the case indicates that the political situation in Europe could deteriorate if this crisis is not resolved quickly and effectively.

5. The kidnap scandal barely scratched the surface of Portuguese society as it is widely known and accepted that there are many paedophiles who are high-ranking officials and abductions of children in Portugal, followed by their eventual murder after unspeakable horrors perpetrated against them, is a common feature of Portuguese political life where at least two paedophile rings -one of which is tied to the European Commission- continue to operate under the control of the DVD based in Germany. 

6. Jose Manuel Durao Barroso was born in Lisbon on March 23, 1956 and is married to Margarita Sousa; their children are Luis, Francisco and Guillermo. Jose Manuel Barroso is a man of extreme right wing ideology. He is an active supporter of the war in Iraq, and in the eve of the illegal invasion of that country, he provided a venue to George Bush and Tony Blair in the Azores region of Portugal. He is known to be a hard-core paedophile and shows his condition by protecting those with whom he shares his perverse habit. He uses his economic and political power to shield himself and get away with crimes such as the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann which he ordered. In addition, he has a close friendship with Gordon Brown of Britain, who protects him by keeping silence on what he knows with regards to the Madeleine McCann case. Grapevine type of information circulating in Journalistic circles, suggest that Gordon Brown betrayed a supposed friendship he had with Gerry and Kate McCann, by not helping them rescue their daughter even though he has enough information to find the child. The rumours say that Gordon Brown knows about the paedophile activities of Jose Manuel Barroso and of other prominent European politicians, but is keeping silence to protect his personal interests and those of his colleagues or political associates. They say that Gordon Brown even has the private telephone number of Gerry McCann, and that their friendship developed out of both being Scottish in origin, and on the important role Gerry McCann could play as a Doctor in matters related to micro chip implanting under the skin on the population, in connection with the global elite's agenda to establish the so-called "new world order." According to the rumours, the strong bond they had developed was shattered by Gordon Brown's refusal to help the McCann's find their daughter, in order to protect Jose Manuel Barroso and other paedophile perverts in government.

7. The McCann family happily left Rothley, Leicestershire for a much anticipated holiday in Praia da Luz on the Algarve region of Portugal, on April 28, 2007. There was an area of high pressure over the Lagos Bay and weather conditions were fine with little or no wind. Madeleine's cuddle cat pink toy was tucked safely into a bag, and nothing could have been further from the family's mind that they would soon be at the centre of a great tragedy, and triggering a crisis of trust and confidence of Portugal as a safe holiday destination for children. The Portuguese authorities were always aware of the existing organised paedophile activity in the country, as several other children had either been abducted or had survived abduction attempts during a six month period prior to the McCann family arrival. No one alerted the Mark Warner Ocean Club administration or staff on the dangers posed to young children in Portugal, security at resorts was not heightened, and there was no extra police presence on the streets to act as deterrent. 

8. On either the 29th or 30th of April, Madeleine McCann was photographed on the beach by someone very possibly using a mobile telephone digital camera. The photograph of Madeleine McCann together with possibly two other children, were sent on/or about May 1, 2007 as an attachment with an electronic mail message from a computer located in Praia da Luz, used by an intelligence gatherer for the Lisbon paedophile ring to an address in Brussels. Sergey Malinka who is a computer technician and own a store was interviewed by the Portuguese police, but he was somehow alerted and wiped clean hundreds of files on his computer hard drive before the police swooped on his Praia da Luz apartment. He denied any involvement in the abduction of Madeleine McCann and the police could not arrest or charge him for a lack of evidence. The mail sent from Praia da Luz was intercepted at a switching centre but its significance was not appreciated until after Madeleine was abducted. Malinka's car was recently destroyed and the word "fala" ["talk" in Portuguese] was written on the sidewalk.

9. During the early afternoon on May 3, 2007 a yacht flying a Dutch flag left Portimao heading north and was positioned at the Marina in Lagos near Praia da Luz. Journalistic research suggests that Sergey Malinka made a telephone contact with his wife who was on board the vessel.

10. The McCann family was placed under continues surveillance conducted by a man appearing to be Spanish, Portuguese or Moroccan since May 1, 2007.

11. On the night of May 3, 2007 the shutters of a ground floor window to the McCann's apartment were forced open and entry was gained through the window which was not particularly secure. Two individuals were involved in the operation. Entry having been gained they undoubtedly appreciated a security failure as the front door was unlocked. No alarm system was installed and with such locks as they were fitted, it would have made no difference whether the front door was locked or not. Some claim that it would have made a great difference had an adult been baby-sitting while the McCann's dinned and drink with their friends, but if the kidnappers were armed it would have made no difference either. Individuals involved in this type of criminal activity are totally amoral, ruthless, and would not hesitate to murder anyone who gets in their way. The team may have murdered children before in the making of snuff movies and previous cases suggest they are experienced and brutal killers as part of their occupation. The DVD is considered to be the most evil, ruthless and secretive criminal intelligence organization in the world, even more than the CIA, as they are not part of any government. Paedophile rings under DVD control have murdered hundreds of innocent children, and there is not a reason to believe they are about to stop their lucrative criminal activity. Children like Madeleine McCann can be "sold" for up to 50 thousand dollars. Kidnapping and "selling" children is a business for profit like any other in this system.

12. The yacht at the Marina waited while Madeleine McCann was taken from the bed she was sleeping on. One reliable witness, who happened to be near by enjoying the nice and warm night, reported seeing a man carrying a child who fitted Madeleine's description and fast walking towards the yacht. He told Portuguese police what he saw but was ignored. The yacht has a sound-proof compartment where it is believed Madeleine was held for fifth teen days while on Moroccan international waters. Question: Even after more than two years have passed since Madeleine was abducted, should the Moroccans still be asked to board and search the yacht since it appears to be a lead source?

13. The paedophile being serviced in Brussels had specified a blond-haired girl about age five preferably English speaking. Journalistic investigation of this case suggests that --very tragically for little Madeleine-- she was chosen by this morally worthless and pathetic paedophile pervert who must have known that the child could not be released alive after he had finished abusing her.


We share the determination the McCann's have expressed many times: "We will NEVER give up searching for Madeleine." Regardless of what already may have happened to the child abandoning her should never be an option. More than two years is a long time for any child to be forcibly separated from his/her parents and family as a result of kidnapping and more so in the circumstances of this case. There is no other option here and the search must go on even if only to find out that Madeleine no longer lives. Any person with decent moral standards has a degree of responsibility to help with the search of Madeleine even if he/she is a stranger to her family.

This information we have shared with you today is not new to us. If you would read other pieces we have published, you will find that we have been telling about who is really behind the destructive criminal activity that child abduction is. We are concerned with child abduction in general and not just with Madeleine McCann, but as a result of the world-wide publicity of the case, it is an opportunity to expose the truth not everyone is focusing on. We want people to be conscious of this social reality, and not think of child abduction as something that only happens to others just because it hasn't happened to you. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and we the common people can't rely or depend on the officialdom to protect our children. We must do it ourselves but need to be united regardless of where you are or who you are. We have proof to show that too many people still don't understand the depth and dimension of this criminal activity which makes them apathetic as a result of their ignorance. We want people to become aware and participate in taking the necessary steps to tackle the problem, and deal with those responsible for crimes against our children appropriately and according to the circumstances of each individual case.

We hope to count on you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The best way to struggle against evil is by informing the common people

Pedophilia and its role in the "new world order" Editor's Note: Andrew Winkler from www.ziopedia.org in Australia authored the piece below. We are publishing Mr. Winkler's writings because we agree with the connection he makes between Jews and the Talmud, in which pedophilia is considered to be "normal" when perpetrated against non-Jewish children. Some editing was performed to comply with our publishing policy. The same government agencies subordinated to the ruling elite criminal families that are franchisees of the British Crown and its monopolistic and international drug trading business are also running the pedophile network worldwide. It provides the matrix with large amounts of cash money to finance other illegal activities, such as spying on its own members and potential troublemakers, maintaining a pool of assassins to murder enemies, punish whistle-blowers running sophisticated disinformation operations, and finance the gravy train that keeps government agencies with valuable information the matrix uses to blackmail others to play by their rules. A true syndicated well-organized criminal organization indeed. While the international pedophilia "business" is widely considered to be dominated by Russian or Ukrainian organized criminal rings, they are in fact operatives of British, United States and other Western country's secret services. Most of them work for the international Jewish intelligence services such as the MOSSAD and hold Israeli passports, which come handy when they get into trouble with local police. Israel does not expel citizens for crimes committed in foreign countries and it is a safe heaven for criminals. The reason for the satanic ruling elite using Jews to operate and control the international pedophile network is simple: According to the Talmud --the bible of the Jews-- the authoritative interpretation of the Torah with regards to pedophilia is that having sex with non-Jewish children, even little babies, is not a crime! What is even more according to them, non-Jewish people are considered to be animals with a human shape created to serve and enrich Jews. Given the double function of pedophilia as a tool of finance and oppression by the criminal ruling elite families controlling the world through the banking system, anyone who is serious on disemboweling the rulers in any way, or attempting to derail the "new world order" agenda will become a target to be eliminated.
The best way to fight against the evil of pedophilia is by informing others on the forces behind this extremely destructive perversion and its function as a tool of oppression by the satanic ruling elite.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Portuguese police claim that Madeleine McCann is dead belongs to the strategy to cover up the crime

Suing Goncalo Amaral for defamation is not enough We wish to opinion on the decision by Gerald and Kate McCann to denounce Goncalo Amaral judicially for his ill-intended reckless campaign against the real search for their daughter, and the systematic defamation by accusing them of causing the purported dead of Madeleine and burying her body somewhere on the beach. On the basis of his own words and actions, we believe that Goncalo Amaral is responsible for much more than defaming Gerald and Kate McCann, deliberately not searching for Madeleine, and purposely hindering the search for the child by private investigators every since early days after her disappearance. In spite of not having material evidence to prove it, we are and will continue to be, convinced that Goncalo Amaral and his associates never really intended to search for Madeleine or her kidnapper. When he was first assigned by then police director Paulo Pereira Cristovao to lead the phoney "investigation," he brought with him into the case precise detailed instructions on how to act and handle the case; he brought directives into the case that did not include conducting a true search for Madeleine or the kidnapper, but instead, a strategy used in previous child-abduction cases in Portugal whereby the focus was placed on distracting the attention from the kidnapping, and shifting it into blaming parents or other family members of being involved in the crime. To accomplish this strategy successfully the mass media played a decisive role by brainwashing the naïve into believing what they wanted. This was done again in the case of Madeleine McCann. The so-called "arguido" status lodged against Gerald and Kate McCann was an integral part of that strategy, as it served the dual purpose of constraining them and in parallel provided sufficient time for the crime to become settled according to plans. The abduction of Madeleine McCann was well-planned and the abductor acted on behalf of others. We suspect that Madeleine's kidnapping was carried out to comply with a bid that had been offered by an elite member or group in Portugal. Do not think of this vision to be a far-fetched one unless you first do at least some research into the history of paedophilia in Portugal and who is behind it. Our knowledge of Portugal and Spain, prompt us to suspect that Madeleine could have been abducted on behalf of someone in the elite class, and that she might still be somewhere in Portugal, but well hidden. In the historical paedophilia scandal in Portugal known as Casa Pia, innocent children were taken to luxurious mansions located in secluded areas to be brutally raped and continuously abused. This depraved criminal activity lasted for decades until it was uncovered and became known as one of the biggest paedophilia scandals in contemporary times. The uncovering of this criminal activity showed with overwhelming evidence, the direct participation of perverted men in the elite class, and many others in prominent social positions including the judiciary, entertainment, actors, intellectuals, and even members of the police! With this brief information you can imagine the degree of corruption and depravity existing in Portugal. The abduction and mysterious disappearance of kids in Portugal is linked to these facts. On speculation, we strongly suspect that Madeleine's abduction could be connected with these well-documented historical facts, and also that Goncalo Amaral received detailed instructions on what to do in the case to protect those in the elite class, who may be ultimately responsible for the crime. Within this context Goncalo Amaral is responsible for a lot more than just defaming Gerald and Kate McCann. He is technically an accessory to a crime of kidnapping. The unfortunate impediment with hard facts like these is the lack of tangible evidence to create the vital technical conditions for establishing the grounds for a criminal indictment. We may know objectively what Goncalo Amaral and others are guilty of, but if we are not able to show material evidence to sustain the accusations, the hard core facts are relegated to mere subjective opinions and dismissed. Notwithstanding the lack of physical evidence to support criminal charges against Goncalo Amaral for kidnapping, there might be technical grounds to file a complaint against the Policia Judiciaria [PJ] of Portugal for allowing and promoting gross violations of human rights within its jurisdiction. See "The criminal Complaint against the Portuguese police" related to this subject on this blog. The book by Paulo Cristovao Former police chief Paulo Pereira Cristovao who assigned Goncalo Amaral to the Madeleine McCann case, also wrote and published a book entitled "The Star of Madeleine" which according to the Daily Mail of London, its contents are even more callous, sadistic and brutal than Goncalo Amaral's book "The Truth of a Lie," for which he will be sued by Madeleine's parents. According to the Daily Mail, Paulo Cristovao publicly declared that he intended his book to be "proudly" protective of Portugal as a heaven for paedophiles, and "to infuriate the McCann's…" In a very callous and sadistic manner, Cristovao assures the reader in his book that "[…] Madeleine is dead; her body was dumped into the Sea, and disappeared forever..." Also, at one point during the so-called "investigation" into the disappearance of Madeleine, Paulo Cristovao said on various occasions that he wanted Gerald and Kate McCann to be put in prison for ten years for leaving their children unattended. We suggest that Gerald and Kate McCann seriously consider suing Paulo Cristovao also for the highly offensive and grotesque statements in his book. More information on Paulo Cristovao can be obtained on this blog in an article entitled "The writings and profile of Paulo Cristovao" and other related subjects. The strategy to cover up the abduction of Madeleine McCann One need not be an expert on police science to understand that the reckless performance by Goncalo Amaral in the case related to Madeleine McCann was not done inadvertently. It was a carefully designed plot-like criminal strategy according to the particular circumstances of the case. Goncalo Amaral was assigned to the case by Paulo Pereira Cristovao who was the police director at the time Madeleine McCann was kidnapped. Amaral and Cristovao had worked as partners in the most prominent previous cases related to paedophilia and child abduction in Portugal, including the famous case related to Joanna Cipriano, a native Portuguese girl who disappeared without a trace. [See the writing entitled "The Portuguese police should be investigated by the European Court of Human Rights" published on this blog]. All known groups and individuals active in different forms against child abduction throughout the world with which we have contacts have raised the same question: Why was Goncalo Amaral assigned to the case by Paulo Cristovao at that critical time? We don't know about you but to us the reasons are evident. However, while we may claim that those two individuals knew and still know the truth about the case, we encounter the same obstacle again by not being able to prove that our knowledge is true due to the lack of material evidence. This is truly unfortunate because it only helps to strengthen the criminal position of the perpetrators and of those interested in covering up the truth. As of this writing, we don't have any precise information yet on where, when or by who was the plot-like criminal strategy to cover up the crime conceived and created, but there are hints pointing out to Paulo Cristovao and other unknown individuals in the Portuguese officialdom, who could have very possibly laid down the bases of what became the actual plan on how and what to do, according to the objective circumstances of the crime to be that was being carefully planned on behalf of others acting behind the scenes. It can't be declared either with certainty that Goncalo Amaral was a direct participant in the conception and creation of the strategy, but what can be stated based on his performance, is that he was chosen for particular reasons to implement it according to the design that produced the results we are all familiar with now. He was very probably chosen to lead the charade him and his clique so shamefully called "investigation," based on his expertise obtained in previous child abduction cases in Portugal, in particular, the one related to Joanna Cipriano in which he was a shiny star thanks to his sadism, brutality and an overall extrajudicial criminal conduct for which he was rewarded with impunity, and given only an 18-month suspended sentence after conviction despite the evidence against him. Goncalo Amaral was the ideal subject to carry out the strategy designed to assure that Madeleine's kidnapping was successful. Everything he did throughout the so-called "investigation" was intended to comply with the plan according to its original design. He did many things except search for Madeleine or her kidnapper. When the case was shelved no one in Portugal was surprised, an attitude in the Portuguese idiosyncrasy meaning "we knew from the start that it would end like that…" The native Portuguese know their own country inside out and Anglos can learn from this if they want to. Goncalo Amaral worked for the police during several years and gained a reputation known in and out of Portugal. He is known as a ruthless and callous henchman of the rich and powerful who would do anything to gain their trust and confidence. Kate McCann called him a "disgrace" but she fell short when describing him. Many of us think that he is a pathetic thug and a coward who gets his kicks from beating up and torturing women; he is a true ruffian of the elite and a menace to common people and these are some of the reasons why suing him for defamation is not enough. He is part of the Portuguese officialdom and always will be protected and rewarded for his subordination. Without being able to prove it with material evidence, we believe that him and all those with whom he is connected in the Portuguese officialdom, know the truth about the kidnapping of Madeleine. He and his associates --including Paulo Cristovao-- know who kidnapped Madeleine, for what purpose, on whose behalf, where she was taken to, and where she could be now. We suspect that Madeleine never actually left Portugal and is being held captive by those who "paid" for her. By claiming that she is dead, they are protecting those who are ultimately responsible for the crime. We further believe that the case will not be resolved by using conventional methods; regardless of what new information is given to the Portuguese police, they will continue claiming that Madeleine is dead to prevent the truth from being known.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Child abduction is a government covert policy

Feedback to Kate McCann's message published on the official website to find Madeleine

Dear Mrs. McCann:

We felt compelled to write this feedback after reading your message published on the official website to find Madeleine. We think that your writing as a whole contains important statements and questions which are relevant to child abduction in general, a problem that we see as an extremely grave social epidemic considering the length of time this criminal activity has been occurring, and the staggering numbers of children who were kidnapped and disappeared mysteriously without a trace, including your daughter. Our feedback is inspired by your own statements and questions from which we take on to expand by using our knowledge obtained through investigation and/or research. Your message begins with the following quotation: 

"It is only since Madeleine was taken from us, that Gerry and I have become aware of just how many children go missing each year from all around the world. The scale of the problem is huge. In fact, it is terrifying. I have asked myself many times 'why did I not know about this'? Am I that naive or is it the fact that the problem itself is not well publicised for whatever reason?" 

We find a source of inspiration in your words related to how you and Gerry became aware of child abduction "only" until you both actually became victims. Most people we have met throughout our research and/or investigation of this social phenomenon responded in either identical or similar ways to how you have expressed yourself regarding this tragedy. In your case, being a native of the country with the highest child abduction rate, we can't help to think that you were exposed to this social reality in some way and at some point, but never thought of it as something that could happen to you. This is the attitude that make would be victims of this crime to be vaguely lax to the point of leaving children unattended as you did for days in a row, having created thereby, the window of opportunity the kidnappers needed to abduct Madeleine. So, the answer to the question as to whether or not you were naive is "yes." It is naive not be aware of a social reality that is around you in a country where a child goes missing every five minutes, according to the organization called Parents and Abducted Children Together [PACT] of which you are familiar with.

Evidence in almost all cases where children were abducted by strangers, shows conclusively that the main factor kidnappers used to their advantage in their criminal plans, was the lax attitude of parents who left their children unattended. In the question you also wonder if haven't been made aware of on time regarding massive child abduction, can be attributed to "the fact that the problem itself is not well publicised for whatever reason?" With this wonder, intuitively you can feel a connection between your naïveté and the mass media deliberate refusal to address this terrible social tragedy in honest and adequate forms, but perhaps the connection did not melt in your mind as a solid and clear idea. For the sake of clarity we quote directly from your own statement: […] "or is it the fact that the problem itself is not well publicised for whatever reasons?" Notice that you realize and acknowledge the mass media role by not publicising child abduction as a fact, but also showed ignorance by not really knowing why they do, and simply wrote "for whatever reason." There are professional individuals with several years of experience in the field of investigating child abduction and other related crimes that have shed light on the deliberate obscurity kept by the establishment's mass media on this heinous criminal activity. One activist that has contributed enormously to enlighten people on who is truly behind massive child abduction is David Icke, who authored an article we recommend you to read at www.illuminati-news.com/Articles/35.html as soon as you can or want. We believe that after you read Mr. Icke's article you will have a better understanding of the spectrum and dimensions surrounding child abduction. One area Mr. Icke's focuses on in his writings is the complicity role played by the mass media and its strategy to keep the public ignorant of the continuous abduction and disappearance of small children and youngsters. You may or may not believe it, but child and youngster's abduction is a covert government policy organized at the highest levels, on behalf of social elite members who require this for different purposes the average citizen ignore, thanks in part to the deliberate role the media play by keeping the information hidden from the public. So within the context of these and other related facts, your statement regarding the media and child abduction is correct. The only part missing in your message is why and what are the reasons involved in the media's policy towards the social tragedy that child abduction and disappearance really is. The media is responsible for too many people having a paralysed brain and thus being naïve by not knowing that child abduction is a reality that happens every day and every where, but more so in Europe and North America than in other countries. Britain has the highest child abduction rate in Europe and the United States is number one in the world while the media keeps total silence in complicity. Did you ever wondered why before? Probably not according to your own statements, until now that you have become victims of this well-organized criminal activity being financed by very powerful and rich individuals in the elite class. Whoever kidnapped Madeleine was only a layer of many others who work for the real perpetrators responsible for the existence of this criminal "enterprise" that's been going on for a long time. These statements are not meant to blame you or your husband for what happened to your daughter, but you certainly contributed by leaving your children unattended with your vaguely lax attitude deep-rooted in being naïve as a result of the reasons already stated. We blame the elite-controlled media for their subordinated role to those powers on behalf of whom they deny the truth, by not exposing the reality of child abduction thereby creating the psycho-social conditions for people to think that if it is not being publicised on television, newspapers or magazines, then it must not be true or it isn't important enough to be concerned with. This is what makes people become naïve and have careless and too lax attitudes towards children by leaving them unattended. With regards to the lack of a precision system to collect recorded and categorize data related to the high number of child abduction cases, here again the government deliberately fails to have such a system because the bottom line really is that they don't want it to exist. If they really did it would indeed exist and be available. Why don't they want such a system to exist? Simply because they are the main protectors and promoters of child abduction as a covert official policy on behalf of a powerful perverted elite in control of the entire government and social system. In case you still don't believe this, do some research and you will find out that it is true. In the United States, for example, the Federal Bureau of Investigations [FBI] keeps a highly precise recorded data on the number of cars stolen every year, but none on the overwhelming high numbers of kids who are snatched every day off the streets and playgrounds across the country. Do you think this is simply accidental? Naïve if you do. The abduction and mysterious disappearance of children will continue until the government becomes free from the evil grip of the perverted, powerful and rich who control it. On the public awareness the Madeleine's case has highlighted, you are absolutely right and thanks to you and Gerry many people are now aware and conscious of the great evil that child abduction represents. We hope that you will continue the media campaign and that Madeline is found alive and well. 

God bless you and your family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The challenge to protect children

Who is behind child abduction?
The world-wide media coverage impact on the case of missing Madeleine McCann has contributed importantly to raise awareness and consciousness, on the existence of child abduction as a syndicated organized criminal activity with all of its destructive dimensions involved. Inadvertently, and with the only purpose of hoping to find their missing child, the parents of Madeleine launch a huge media campaign, established a website, travelled, and did other activities that have contributed to many people realize that it could happen to anyone, as child kidnapping has been for a long time and continuous to be, part of a satanic conspiracy too many still don't know about it thanks to the elite-controlled media blackout, or preferably ignore despite evidence and statistics showing this proven fact. According to information available on different Internet websites, thousands of children go missing each year mainly in Europe and North America more than in other parts of the world. There are different versions and/or opinions when trying to explain the mysterious disappearance of children without leaving a trace and no one making demands of any type for their return, which suggest that there are other reasons for committing the crimes. Well known professional activists with extensive background and experience in investigations related to this and other organized criminal activities, have demonstrated conclusively that there is a connection to child abduction with hidden satanic criminal syndicates whose real leaders are individuals in the elite class, who protect themselves with layers of people in the establishment making it almost impossible to identify them as being ultimately responsible, for the kidnapping of children and other harden criminal activity that sprinkles the whole of society with extremely destructive results. The criminal activity in which those individuals play a vital role include but it is not limited to, drugs and arms trafficking, sadistic child rape, child abduction, theft, satanic torture of children, paedophilia, corruption, homosexuality, false imprisonment, hard core pornography, sexual perversity, sex slavery, cult programming of children into prostitution, ritual murder, and much more. They are part of or represent the most powerful, influential and wealthiest elite class in both Europe and North America, and are the financers of the above-mentioned criminal activity. These satanic perverts are so rich and powerful they are thought to be untouchable, as they control entire governments and media who protect their heinous deeds against innocent children, by not exposing the truth to the public. The case of missing Madeleine McCann was an exception within the context of their subordination to the elite power when considering the great amount of exposure it received world wide. 

Who are The Finders?
The Finders is an evil Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] covert operation that began its criminal activities around 1965, after being conceived and created for the purpose of kidnapping and disappearing children, in connection with an agreement signed secretly in 1954 between the Eisenhower administration and Extraterrestrial (ET) aliens. The agreement allows the aliens to conduct bizarre experiments on animals, abducted humans, and utilize both as a source of nourishment in exchange for technology to be used for military purposes. According to the agreement, the experiments and cannibalism would be conducted at deep underground military bases inhabit by Greys, reptilian Draco's and other [freaks] aliens. Agents of the CIA as a United States [US] government institution were and continue to be professionally trained to kidnap children for different purposes which include the above-mentioned plus: sexual abuse, prostitution, pornography, experimental and /or mind control, slave labour at deep underground alien-controlled military bases, satanic ritual murder, and more, where thousands of children who were snatched off the streets and playgrounds ended up there never to be found again. The Finders have been throughout the years and still is, the most despicable CIA covert operation against innocent children, among others that exist in the realm of evil and perversity; it is definitely a Gestapo-like covert operation that has committed the most horrible and heinous crimes against innocent children, thru its government henchmen acting under directives issued by international Satanists highly organized and controlled by super-rich and powerful elite members with headquarters in England, from where they control not only the US puppet government behind the scenes thru Zionist shadow organizations, but also most other capitalist countries around the world with a privileged social class. The Finders also have and continue to abduct children to be "sold" at auctions to wealthy perverts who take them to places where the stolen children are never found. The abducted children are "sold" like merchandise and the proceeds from this lucrative business, are used to finance other covert operations that may well be part of the elite's conspiratorial agenda. The Finders are still active and are suspected of being responsible for the kidnapping and disappearance of children not only in North America, but also throughout Europe by their partners in the British intelligence agencies, working closely with the CIA towards the same goal on behalf of the elite and their satanic agenda. The United Kingdom [UK] has the highest child abduction rate in Europe. This and other related information have been and continue to be hidden by the elite-controlled and conventional mass media, to keep the public ignorant of this undeclared government criminal policy against citizens of all races. Internet is the only source now where information on this evil covert operation can be obtained, while it remains relatively free from total censorship, but this may not last for very long… 

The challenge to protect children

The staggering numbers of children who were abducted and disappeared mysteriously without a trace must have a rational explanation we all have the right to, in particular, the parents and family of the children as victims. This right, however, will not be granted by the perpetrators themselves nor can we expect that those subordinated to them, will come forward to tell us the truth we need to know on pain of death if they did. Hence, common people facing the real threat of thugs kidnapping children on behalf of rich perverts are faced with the great challenge to protect them. The challenge involve dealing with an extremely sinister and mind-boggling shadowy enemy, described as invisible and acting behind the scenes only through their henchmen. This in itself pose credibility problems, in view of too many people refusing to face-up-to the fact that the evil source causing abducted children mysteriously disappearing, is not a fiction, an invention, paranoia, a hoax, nor a faddish happening that occurs only to others just because it has not happen to you yet. It is an organized criminal activity with a specific motive, of which those who were witness and had the courage to come forward and exposed existing horrors at hidden places, were either found dead or mysteriously disappeared. If anyone would do a minimum amount of Internet research on this subject, the available information can contribute to help one see, realize and understand the depth linked between organized child abduction and the establishment. The information may differ when presented by different people, but amazingly and inevitably, it will all lead and end at similar or even identical conclusions. Performing this task can be important in the process to acquire the necessary state of personal consciousness, which would hopefully generate an urge to seek the company of others, and discuss ideas on what course of action would be more suitable according to objective reality. This form of unity among people sharing a common cause and/or goals, could trigger responses by others gladly finding partners with whom they can share ideas or feelings, related to the horrific crime of child abduction and the need to take direct action against it as citizens. The idea is to unite people against this extremely destructive evil criminal activity that has been occurring for decades with catastrophic results. This can be considered as essential, in view of the complicity by government institutions such as the police and the judicial system, both of which are controlled by those who are ultimately responsible for the heinous crimes. Moreover, should you harbour any doubts on the truthfulness of the above statement it is suggested that you look into the available Internet information, regarding the famous case known as the Dutroux affair in Belgium. That case and the Franklin cover-up scandal in the US are good examples of government depravity and complicity in crimes involving child abduction, sexual abuse, and murder of innocent children, by elite members fully protected by the police and the judicial system. You can begin your search by visiting www.isgp.eu and look on your left for the link titled "beyond Dutroux." If after obtaining the information therein you still have doubts --or what is even worse-- deny the well documented facts, then we will know that you are part of the problem. If we take for granted that you believe the government to be a controlled puppet of a conspiratorial and perverted satanic cabal, who is ultimately responsible for the monstrous crime of kidnapping children for destructive purposes, then you have taken the important first step towards meeting other people with similar ideas to yours with whom you can talk and exchange ideas. This could be the beginning of a new historic page to be written by common people, seeking the protection of human dignity and the life of innocent children, many of whom no longer exist as a result of gruesome crimes perpetrated against them in torture chambers at hidden places on behalf of the devil. Have no doubts that only a united and organized people, can counterpoise the continuous kidnapping and mysterious vanishing of very young children and minors, since the government won't do it due to reasons you already know. The numbers of very young children and minors who go missing each day, week, month, and year, are chilling and there are not any reasons to believe that the high numbers will decrease; each day many kids are snatched off the streets or playgrounds by thugs working for one of the many layers of people protecting those who finance this criminal activity with the complicity of the whole officialdom subordinated to them, including of course, the police. The citizenry is being constantly attacked and defeated each time a young child or an under age youngster gets kidnapped and disappears mysteriously. This terrible reality must be challenged and counterattacked effectively through organized small underground intelligence groups of neighbours in each community spreading the message and resisting in many ways. Large organizations should be avoided as they are infiltrated and subverted from within. All individuals involved must be savvy of the reality, not apathetic, conformist, have a warrior spirit, and be willing to struggle against evil regardless of the consequences. It is a matter of life and death and should not be looked at or understood in any other way. Those insane Masonic half breed reptilian monsters in the elite who are ultimately responsible for these crimes, will continue their satanic endeavour as part of a much bigger plan that demands the abduction and destruction of innocent children, unless they are stopped or neutralized by the common people. It is our kids who are disappearing and not the sons or daughters of the rich and powerful. Our children are and will continue dying horrifically or their natural innocence systematically destroyed by extremely evil methods unprecedented in history, not even in Nazi Germany. We can and must take direct action now and not just sit around in apathy while thinking that these criminals will go away if we just ignore them. 

Self-reliance and dependence 

The Internet is stuffed with sites proclaiming to exist solemnly for the protection of children and vigorously condemn child abduction. However, the irony of their claim is that most -if not all- of those organizations are directly or indirectly subordinated to others that are much more bigger, wealthier and powerful to the point of almost being entities. One of those organizations is the well-known National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children [NCMEC] in Washington, District of Criminals [DC]. The irony is that this organization is very likely to be an offshoot of the CIA, and therefore, a front camouflaged as a benevolent entity honestly concerned with the terrible realities surrounding child abduction. It is connected with organizations such as Mason chip [www.masonichip.org] who openly offer chip implanting under the skin as a "solution" to child abduction. It is not known whether the reader is aware of it or not, but chip implanting under the skin is a star feature in the satanic agenda of the Masonic elite, to control the population like cattle through centralized computer systems in their so-called "new world order," which the Satanists at Mason chip are offering as a response to the same problem they have created to begin with! The point in providing this enlightening is to show that those groups or organizations claiming to protect children are in reality, mere business profiteering from a terrible tragedy which they will not stop from occurring even as you read these words, because it benefits them. Most importantly, it shows that common people are alone, unprotected and vulnerable to the criminal deeds of these disciples of the devil, and also that the best alternative in the present reality, is to look for each other and unite against everything related to the spectrum of child abduction for purposes you should know and understand by now. We must become self-sufficient, self- reliant, and depend only on ourselves as all officialdom is at the service of our enemy. Creating fancy and impressive but farcical websites fill up with attractive but empty rhetoric, is not a solution in itself to a terrible reality only organized common people can determine its future course. Finally, if for any reason you still don't believe that only common people can make the difference in what the future of our children will be, by all means send your alternatives for our learning.