Friday, June 12, 2009

The best way to struggle against evil is by informing the common people

Pedophilia and its role in the "new world order" Editor's Note: Andrew Winkler from in Australia authored the piece below. We are publishing Mr. Winkler's writings because we agree with the connection he makes between Jews and the Talmud, in which pedophilia is considered to be "normal" when perpetrated against non-Jewish children. Some editing was performed to comply with our publishing policy. The same government agencies subordinated to the ruling elite criminal families that are franchisees of the British Crown and its monopolistic and international drug trading business are also running the pedophile network worldwide. It provides the matrix with large amounts of cash money to finance other illegal activities, such as spying on its own members and potential troublemakers, maintaining a pool of assassins to murder enemies, punish whistle-blowers running sophisticated disinformation operations, and finance the gravy train that keeps government agencies with valuable information the matrix uses to blackmail others to play by their rules. A true syndicated well-organized criminal organization indeed. While the international pedophilia "business" is widely considered to be dominated by Russian or Ukrainian organized criminal rings, they are in fact operatives of British, United States and other Western country's secret services. Most of them work for the international Jewish intelligence services such as the MOSSAD and hold Israeli passports, which come handy when they get into trouble with local police. Israel does not expel citizens for crimes committed in foreign countries and it is a safe heaven for criminals. The reason for the satanic ruling elite using Jews to operate and control the international pedophile network is simple: According to the Talmud --the bible of the Jews-- the authoritative interpretation of the Torah with regards to pedophilia is that having sex with non-Jewish children, even little babies, is not a crime! What is even more according to them, non-Jewish people are considered to be animals with a human shape created to serve and enrich Jews. Given the double function of pedophilia as a tool of finance and oppression by the criminal ruling elite families controlling the world through the banking system, anyone who is serious on disemboweling the rulers in any way, or attempting to derail the "new world order" agenda will become a target to be eliminated.
The best way to fight against the evil of pedophilia is by informing others on the forces behind this extremely destructive perversion and its function as a tool of oppression by the satanic ruling elite.


Anonymous said...

It is true.

As a Jew myself, I take extreme delight in engaging in perverted activities with non-Jewish children. Why would I not? they are after all beasts whose sole purpose in the world is to serve my depraved sexual appetite and my insatiable lust for gold.
It goes without saying that like any other good Jew, I am an active member of several child trafficking networks and have personally captured a few destined for Manuel Barroso himself!

Anonymous said...

We don't know, of course, if you are just playing some sort of mind game but it is possible after all, that you could be true. If you are, we would like to know if you believe the report by Christoher Story that Madeleine McCann was abducted on his orders. See the writings on this blog connected with that subject.