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Unless extraordinary action is taken Madeleine McCann will not be found

The World Report Agency Intelligence Information on the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann

The title of this writing was chosen to point out at an important piece of information related to the kidnapping and disappearance of Madeleine McCann on May 3, 2007 in Portugal.

The intelligence report is dated September 20, 2008 and it includes information on paedophilia, child abuse, and "snuff" movies that take place regularly at different locations within Belgium under the auspices and financing by high ranking officials at the European Commission [EC] with headquarters in Brussels.  The portion of the 37-page report that focus on the case is published at www.worldreports.org under the heading "Madeleine McCann and the European Commission paedophile scandal" at page 23.  The report states in part this:

[...] "It was confirmed on August 7, 2007 by the Metropolitan Police of London that Madeleine McCann was abducted on orders by a paedophile organisation based in Belgium.  We have been informed that the way this depraved activity operates is by the 'client' receiving three photographs of different children who chooses one and is then provided with the child to meet his depraved requirements.  The individual who selected Madeleine McCann is a high ranking official at the European Commission in Brussels, and his name has been reported to this service." 

At that point in the report the Editor had decided not to reveal the identity of the EC official but later that position was changed and this was added:

"Late insertion: The Editor had intended to withhold the identity of the European Commission official concerned.  However, in light of the threat and given that in these circumstances the lapse of time between the threat and exposure that must be minimised, we have been forced to reveal the name of the official concerned.  His hereby shamed name is Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission."

The report continues by informing the reader that the paedophile and abduction ring is actually run out of the EC itself.  The report says also that "all those concerned must be aware of the consequences by further exposing this matter as it would compromise perverted politicians in the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, the UK, as well as in the corrupt European Union rotten structures."

Considering the source, the report does not appear to be something that was made up out of one's lunatic imagination and should not be ignored, in particular the confirmation by the Metropolitan Police of London. Additionally, you probably know that there are many unqualified individuals who spend time at computers writing and publishing on the Internet all sorts of material without having real knowledge of the subject, or training as professional journalists. This is one negative aspect of the Internet that can blur the credentials of those who are true professionals of non-conventional news and information based on intelligence investigation methods.

The World Reports Agency is not the average reporting source that you can find in the news published or broadcast on conventional controlled media.  In fact, the Agency works totally independent from the controlled media whose function is either distorting the truth or tell blatant lies. In contrast with this fact, the Agency's area of speciality is to collect highly sensitive knowledge supplied to them by insiders working on their behalf who leaked the information to be thoroughly processed for accuracy before making it public. What can you say about a professional investigative agency on whose intelligence advice the British government had reliance on for years? The investigation after Christopher Story's death in mysterious circumstances has revealed some aspects related to the methods used by the Agency under his leadership, and it is this information that is making the bulk of the weight with regards to the involvement behind the scenes, of those mentioned in the report as being ultimately responsible for the kidnapping and disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Why isn't the report taken seriously by those concerned?  One possible answer to this question might be that some people probably think that Christopher Story was trying to gain notoriety, recognition, or even "stardom" status in a famous case, but none of these apply to this professional who was most likely concerned at the time with exposing the evil and corruption inside the EC than with Madeleine McCann. In fact, the report does not necessarily concentrate on her only but provides a link into the dark and terrifying evil world of the EC and by extension, the illuminati-controlled European Union corruption and wickedness at all levels.  We believe that the report by the World Reports Agency in connection with the kidnapping case of Madeleine McCann to be true.  So assuming hypothetically that the report is true and accurate, it wouldn't be too difficult to understand why so many obstacles apparently created to thwart the efforts to find the truth, popped up all the time since the beginning of this hideous and heinous ordeal in what seems to be, an attempt to cover up and protect those high-level officials directly or indirectly responsible for the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann on May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal. 

Independent from what real progress -if any- has been or is being made by the private investigators working on the case, there are reasons to believe that unless extraordinary measures are used as tactics or methods in the search for Madeleine, the possibility of not finding her is high and real, if considering the valid theory that prominent officials are involved in her abduction while hiding behind the scenes.  This means that everything and everyone that is part of the structure that make up the system is or will be on the side of those the Agency reported as being ultimately responsible for her kidnapping and present captivity, if she is still alive. We insist that conventional methods will not work considering all the vital elements that make up the evidence on the case, including what is being denied to the private investigators by the government on the basis of being "too sensitive" to be disclosed. It doesn't take an expert to figure out why important evidence is being withheld under the guise of being "too sensitive." They are protecting the paedophiles that are overwhelmingly great in numbers in all branches of government! This is really what is important to them and not the children who are the victims of their sick perversion. 

We know there are individuals in the Portuguese officialdom and in the Portuguese prison system that could have vital information on who planned and executed the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann on orders by leaders of a criminal organisation based in Belgium, but with presence in Portugal. We don't know at this point exactly who they are but have ideas on who they might be.  What we would need to do is get hold of them and force the information out by any means necessary. This is the only way to obtain key information on who kidnapped Madeleine McCann, for what purpose, on behalf of whom, and where was she taken to after the abduction.  Conventional investigation methods are a spinning wheel that will not work in this case due to its nature, which includes a very possible connection with previous child abductions in specific areas of Portugal with similar modus operandi traits suggesting the link.

Other abduction cases

Back in 2009 we participated in a forum that supports the McCann family and came across information related to the geographical areas of Portugal where almost all child abductions took place at least since the early 1990s.  We took the information, analyze it thoroughly and verified the authenticity by consulting every newspaper where the news or information on each case was published, and after months of continuous and intensive work, we were satisfied that the information provided by the participant in the forum was true.  According to the participant, with the exception of two on the Island of Madeira, all other child abductions within Portugal took place in and around the areas of Oporto [North] and Praia da Luz [South] only.

The list of kidnappings in the North of Portugal includes the following:

- Jorge Sepulveda, a boy age 10, abducted in April 1991 in the Massareles area near Oporto.
- Claudia Alexandra Silva de Sousa, a girl age 7, abducted in May 1994 in the Vila Verde area around Oporto.
-  Rui Pedro, a boy age 12, abducted in March 1998 in the Lousada area near Oporto.
-  Rui Pereira, a boy age 12, abducted in February 1999 in Nova Vila da Famalicao, around the Oporto area. 

The list of kidnappings in the South of Portugal includes the following:

-  Rene Hasee, a boy age 6 and citizen of Germany, abducted in June 1996 while on the Amoreiras beach near-by the Atlantic Coast.
-  Joanna Cipriano, a girl age 7, abducted in 2004 in Figueira, located 7 miles from Praia da Luz.
-  Carolina Santos, a girl age 3, attempted abduction in Silves during 2006.
-  Madeleine McCann, a girl age 3, British citizen, abducted on May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz. 

None of the victims listed above were found which supports the theory that child abductions in Portugal are irreversible. Besides abductions there were also murders of children in Portugal for different reasons and at different times but all in the same areas of the country.  Meanwhile, the participant informed also that the City of Funchal in Madeira is known internationally as child prostitution "supermarket," where rich tourists travelling in their private yachts, very frequently stop by to "purchase" a child that may be available for sale by criminal organisations openly and with the knowledge of the police operating there. Child porn videos and "snuff" [murder] movies featuring stolen children are also made for profit at different locations within the Island.  Madeleine could have been taken to Madeira since it is believed that she was taken out the Praia da Luz area by sea.

In addition to the above, hard core paedophile Carlos "Bibi" Silvino who is well known for his role in the biggest corruption and perversion scandal in the history of contemporary Portugal known as "Casa Pia," is now serving a prison term for his crimes against hundreds of innocent children at the orphanage where he worked as caretaker. The available records show that "Bibi" was in charge of transporting children to be abused from the orphanage to luxurious homes located in districts where only rich neighbours lived; the trips where made to places within Lisbon as well as to other areas outside the Portuguese mainland, including Madeira for which the sea transport provided to carry children, was under his direct supervision and responsibility to deliver them to be abused.  Considering his criminal background as a hard core paedophile, and close association with high-ranking individuals in government, he should be a subject of interest to the investigators working on the case of Madeleine McCann. What he knows, make him a source of information regarding the location of places where kidnapped children in Portugal may be taken to according to plans. He is also very likely to know who is involved in child abduction and abuse in Portugal and their mysterious disappearance as in the case of Madeleine McCann.   


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Are Gerry and Kate McCann really controlled by the satanic illuminati?

Gerry and Kate McCann are accused of allowing the abduction of their daughter Madeleine by the illuminati

The wonder on whether or not the McCann's are controlled by the satanic illuminati and that the kidnapping of their daughter Madeleine is the result of that has been circulating in cyberspace for sometime. We have been aware of this claim but were reluctant to reach conclusions [as some people have done] on an accusation that has not been proven yet, and therefore, inappropriate to make assertions on it without any evidence. Our writing and publishing principles prohibit us from doing this.

What has motivated us to write and publish this piece now is some contents in a comment made by one reader of an article by Henry Makow published at his website entitled "Crazed MI-5 and MI-6 wreak havoc for the illuminati" that you can read at www.henrymakow.com/mi-5_and_mi-6_wreak_havoc_for.html. The comment by the reader "Chris" reads as follows:

"The parents of Madeleine McCann were part of an illuminati mind control ring themselves. They know exactly what happened to her but were powerless to stop it.  I was already aware that by allowing their daughter to be kidnapped, the McCann's were unable to avoid obeying the orders of their illuminati controllers.  I was also aware that innocent Madeleine was intended to become the sex toy of illuminati insider, paedophile, degenerate, former President of Portugal, and leader of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso.  This is one reason why the abduction of Madeleine was conveniently arranged to take place in Portugal, and the other is that the police could be relied upon to make a total botch of the 'investigation' into Maddy's disappearance since most of the senior officers as well as the great majority of government ministers, are members of the same paedophile elite ring that Barroso belongs to.  I have to confess that I was not previously aware that Maddy McCann is now dead, but I am not surprised since as long as she remained alive, there was always a risk of the truth leaking out in some way. Moreover, being now aware of the background of both Barroso and the McCann's the manner of Maddy's death in a ritual blood sacrifice to Satan also has a degree of perversion.  Finally, no informed researcher is aware of the fact that the misperceived Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is also an illuminati member and Satanist, who is regularly called upon by the council of thirteen to don her witches garb, and to act as mistress of ceremonies whenever supreme knowledge and imperfection of the Satanic 'art' is imperative. Ms. Rowling was present at the rite in which Madeleine died and her reward offer [after Madeleine's kidnapping] was all even more sickening."

We do not endorse all the affirmations made by the author nor do we take his written words at face value because he fails to show with conclusive evidence that everything he wrote is true beyond doubt. However, we do identify and agree with parts of his writings related to the likely involvement in the abduction of Madeleine McCann by prominent political figures in Portuguese society, including former president Jose Manuel Barroso, and members of the officialdom occupying high positions in government and society. You may or may not know it, but the depth of official corruption and perversion prevailing in Portugal is a well-documented fact that you can verify anytime, and it is based on this fact that we concluded in June 2007 that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped on behalf of one or more individuals in the Portuguese elite class acting behind the scenes and for an specific purpose, and we still maintain this position today based on our knowledge of Portugal, and by extension, Spain too in view of their similarities.

There are two parts in the comment written by the reader of Henry Makow's article which we are in tune with.  The first one reads like this:

[…] "I was also aware that innocent Madeleine was intended to become the sex toy of illuminati insider, paedophile, degenerate, former President of Portugal, and leader of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso."

No one here can nor will attest to the author's thesis on Mr. Barroso, but we are nevertheless, entitled to think and believe whatever we want and exercise this right anywhere and anytime. We believe that Mr. Barroso is an evil, corrupt, amoral, and perverted man capable of sexually abusing a little girl. We have arrived at this belief based on the social reality of his native Portugal and on the amount of information available at websites, blogs, forums, and other non-conventional sources of knowledge regarding him personally and the European Commission [EC] which he preside at the time of this writing. There are several credible sources exposing him and the EC but the most outstanding one is the World Reports Agency [http://worldreports.org] led by renowned veteran investigative journalist Christopher Story. Mr. Story is a professional exceeding the requirements anyone would need to directly accuse Mr. Barroso of ordering the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann, as he did by publishing the information on his website for the world to see. Beside high quality investigative journalism, his curriculum includes a solid background in intelligence work at the service of the British government for many years, among other outstanding credentials that place him in a position of credibility in matters of this nature.  In addition, Mr. Story has also exposed the EC in ways others are not doing [that we know of] regarding the internal hidden reality of that place he once called a "paedophile criminal organization." We agree with Mr. Story's assessment of the EC.  In numerous videos, articles, and in other forms of expression he has shed light on the sinister and chilling dark side of the EC which he once referred to as "the devil's pit" from where some of the most evil criminal plans of perversion and even murder, were conceived and carried out against innocent children. Mr. Barroso may not be the actual executioner of criminal plans but he may be involved from behind the scenes as he was in the case of Madeleine McCann according to Mr. Story. We take his investigative journalism work seriously and give a degree of credibility to his reports, but this does not mean that we blindly accept everything he writes and publishes. However, this case is exceptional for different reasons including the deep political and personal implications that arose when he publicly accused Mr. Barroso of ordering the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann.  Mr. Barroso became aware of the serious accusations made against him yet he did nothing to clear his name and position as President of the EC. His silence triggers even greater suspicions and rise more questions regarding this rather tumultuous affair.    

The second part in the comment written by the reader of Henry Makow's article is also compatible with our line of thinking on this case.  It reads like this:

[…] "This is one reason why the abduction of Madeleine was conveniently arranged to take place in Portugal, and the other is that the police could be relied upon to make a total botch of the 'investigation' into Maddy's disappearance, since most of the senior officers as well as the great majority of government ministers, are members of the same paedophile elite ring that Barroso belongs to."

By now everyone following up on this case knows about the cover-up theory that Madeleine died in the room where she was sleeping and that her parents hid the corpse to avoid responsibility.  We don't know if in fact the abduction of Madeleine was "conveniently arranged to take place in Portugal" as the author asserts but do know -as well as you- that the "investigation" into her disappearance was a total farce, a fact everyone knows by now.

With regards to the paedophile affliction that Portugal suffers from at the highest level of government and society, this pathetic reality is so deeply entrenched that it has become part of the national folklore many are even "proud" of and defend with great zeal. The depth of Portugal's sickness is not easily imaginable in the English speaking world due to language and cultural differences, but people need to see it the way it really is and not only as a country with warm climate and sunny beaches.  The same applies to Spain where corruption and perversion is at core level in a society where extreme right wing gangsters are actually running the country with impunity in a two-party system. Spain and Portugal are under total illuminati control thanks in part to the legacy inherited by the historical and contemporary presence of Jews in both countries. Additionally, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, president of the Spanish government at the time of this writing is a well-known Mason and very loyal to his ideological commitments and subordinated to those in control. Mr. Zapatero and Queen Sofia de Bourbon along with other prominent figures in the country's political and social life were present at the last Bilderberg meeting held in Catalonia. These facts shed light on a reality that is kept hidden from the public, and replaced with a constant and sickening nuisance praising the monarchy as the "saviour" from the wrath of former fascist dictator Francisco Franco as a daily consumption in the Zionist controlled mass media. 

What we have outlined here is compatible with our idea that behind the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine McCann, are powerful individuals in the Portuguese elite class linked to the satanic illuminati now being aided and protected by a herd of morons, who became guided drones in an idiotic mission to protect the interest of a perverted and sick paedophile criminal cabal who prey on innocent children. These drones are very conscious of what they are doing and can be categorized as enemies of the common people for their support of evil, and should be dealt with very severely when the objective conditions are present. Supporting the false theory that Madeleine died in the room where she was sleeping and that her parents hid the body, plus being an active participant in a campaign to derail the search for the child, are actions favourable to those who are ultimately responsible for the crime, regardless of whether or not the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine was the result of her parents being controlled by the illuminati satanic cult, as some people assert but without showing any credible proof to support their claim.

Regarding the rest of the contents in the comment made by the reader of Henry Makow's article, including the alleged presence of Joanne Kathleen Rowling in a satanic blood ritual where Madeleine supposedly died, we apply the same conclusion as we did on the other claims and don't think additional elaborations are necessary in that and other areas of the comment.               



Sunday, January 10, 2010

This earlier writing has now become credible in many Internet media sources

Did the Portuguese police kidnap Madeleine Mc Cann? 

The Spanish media Internet source JM Noticias [JM News] at www.jmnoticias.com published on February 8, 2008 an article entitled in Spanish: ¿Secuestro un policia a Madeleine Mc Cann? Translation: Did a policeman kidnap Madeleine Mc Cann? According to the article, while the elite-controlled media have been publishing speculations on Madeleine's case, the author of a blog had predicted that the Portuguese police would declare Gerry and Kate Mc Cann "arguidos" [suspects] as a tactic to conceal the implication of police officers in the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine on May 3, 2007. In the blog titled "master of fate" some unusual and suspicious photographs show Gerry and Kate Mc Cann being closely watched by a policeman shortly before Madeleine vanished. The author of the blog who goes by the anonymous "Inu Yasha" assures his audience that [...] "the Portuguese police have not really being looking for Maddie because they know where she is. The police have instead dedicated to create a hostile environment against her parents so they can charge them with the dead of their daughter." Mr. "Yasha" further continuos by stating that [...] " instead of looking for the little girl since they know where she is, the Portuguese police have been preparing the terrain by working very intensively on creating a favourable public opinion with the end in mind to imprison both parents and close the case." The article inform that in his blog, the author wrote that the Portuguese police is repeating the same tricks used in an earlier and similar case in which the mother of another little girl who was also abducted and disappeared not far from Praia da Luz, was convicted without evidence after suffering great torture. "It is almost exactly to the case of Leonor Cipriano who was convicted of murdering her daughter Joanna even though there was no proof that the child had died. I believe the little girl was abducted on orders by an international paedophile organisation with presence in Portugal. As in Joanna's case the final outcome in Madeleine's will be the same," wrote the author on his blog. Mr. " Yasha" also stated that in the suspicious pictures one can see Robert Murat in the company of the police and a Negro man that was spying on Madeleine before her abduction. In fact, the Negro appears in the background of a picture looking at Madeleine while she was playing with her father and the other two children. The blog is located at http://masalladeloobvio.spaces.live.com [in Spanish]. 

In our opinion, the information featured in the JM Noticias article on the contents of the blog is neither necessarily frivolous nor unfounded. If you would look into the numerous facts and details related to the Portuguese police performance on Madeleine's case since day one, you would probably conclude that it is now a puzzle with too many pieces all scattered and deliberately being kept that way by a sinister veil of secrecy. What or who is the Portuguese police protecting? The answer to this question can only be obtained by conducting a thorough investigation of the Portuguese police itself by an outside force. All the pieces of the puzzle need to be put in place for all to see and understand the truth related to the well-planned and executed abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann. Only then will her parents get the answers to the three questions:

1) Who abducted Madeleine?
2) Why?
3) Where is she being kept against her will?

Until the above-mentioned is done the actual situation of uncertainties will continue on while Madeleine suffers in God knows what conditions...


After studying some Portuguese history in contemporary times plus journalistic research on the possible connection between Madeleine's abduction, and the well-entrenched paedophilia and hard-core officialdom corruption in Portugal, we think there is a possibility that one or more member(s) of the Portuguese police were involved in the abduction. If this turns out to be the case it would not be a surprise at all. More information on related writings published here. Continuous research has produced an amount of information in different Internet media outlets pointing out to the Portuguese police involvement in the kidnapping and mysterious disappearance of the British child. Some publications even accuse the Portuguese police blatantly of her kidnapping. The Editor of this blog does not accuse anyone as some media sources are doing now, but very strongly suspect that individuals connected with the Portuguese officialdom are responsible for the crime. The characteristics surrounding the commission of the crime suggest that it was an abduction indeed but not carried out by a lone paedophile; it was a well organized criminal plan for specific purposes. We believe that time will confirm this theory.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"The truth of a lie" book by Goncalo Amaral is a cover up and a project designed to cash-in on a tragedy

Goncalo Amaral's book "The truth of a lie" fails to show beyond doubts that his theory on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is true 

Taken into consideration the social implications that child abduction in general represent, and the awareness on this tragic reality in today's society the case of Madeleine McCann has generated thanks to the massive media exposure, we wish to express our independent and neutral views based on what is written on the English version of the book we obtained from the Gerry McCann Blog. We also take note on what we think is a poor translation of the book into English and therefore, our opinions are made according to how we understand the contents therein. In addition, we don't agree with the contents in Amaral's book nor we dignify his person, and our views and/or opinions are only out of real concern for child abduction in general and not only Madeleine McCann.

In a letter dated September 15, 2009 sent to Gerald and Kate McCann now published on this blog following the injunction against further distribution of Amaral's book, this group wrote the following statement contained in the letter: "His book is the ultimate manifestation of the success in twisting reality to his advantage while protecting the interests of those on behalf of whom the abduction of Madeleine McCann was executed with precision."

We wrote the above statement long before having an opportunity to read his book but now that we have, our reaffirmation to the essential substance of the statement is even greater. Our position is and will continue to be intransigent unless something or someone demonstrates to us why and how we are wrong. There are numerous parts in the book that shed light on the deliberate incompetence and corruption we have been writing about for some time which support of our views expressed in different writings published on our blog. One new element we have found in Amaral's book is his own depiction as a victim of others above his rank who forced him to leave not only the case but also the police institution as well. In a section titled "an investigation destined for the archives" in Chapter 1 he tells the reader about how he knew the case was on the verge of being closed by the police director because it […] "was beginning to undermine the police judiciaries and investigations in Portugal. Perhaps that was why it had to come to a close." We don't know how you interpret this but to us it shows gross police incompetence. To us it means that they don't have the know-how to deal with a case of such nature and their logic is to close it before their charade is "undermined." And what about the victim? We certainly don't mean to be an annoyance but will repeat it again-and-again as many times as necessary that since day one, there was no real interest by the Portuguese police to search for Madeleine McCann or the kidnapper, because they already knew why and how she was abducted and on whose behalf. What grounds do we have to make these statements? The book contents. We admit our surprised at the ease with which the author provide us with the support we need to back up our statements. We are no longer vulnerable to accusations of being inaccurate or false in our statements, because now we have the book to back up anything we may say or write on the subject. As feeble and fallacious as it is, the cornerstone of Amaral's claim is that Madeleine McCann die in the apartment and that her father transported the body somewhere to avoid responsibility for his daughter's death.

Amaral has declared on numerous times that he had the "honour" to have worked for the Portuguese police for twenty five years. The Policia Judiciaria [PJ] of Portugal has a reputation inside and outside the country, as being a very corrupted and inept police organisation in Europe; it is known to be an appendage of a judicial system unconditionally subordinated to a privileged elite class, who control the whole of Portuguese society with an iron fist wherein the social conditions are very similar to a third world country, that is, a small minority living in opulence while the great majority languish in grinding poverty. The poor people of Portugal regard the PJ as their ruthless bogeyman always ready to smash anyone challenging the present status quo in Portuguese society. Is this the police Amaral had the "honour" to work for twenty five years? And what about the savage beatings and torture of Joanna Cipriano's mother to force her into signing a confession?    Back to the McCann case.

The name Clint Van Zandt is regarded among the intelligence community of the United States [US] as a reputable and high quality professional. He has an impressive curriculum covering at least thirty years of intelligence work at the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] the Federal Bureau of Investigations [FBI] and as a US Army counter-intelligence officer. Amaral can't even come near these qualifications. In an interview with a Journalist from NBC, he told the audience that the key element in the entire claim by Amaral is timing. He explained in detail how and why it would have been impossible for Gerry McCann, to have transported Madeleine's dead body --as Amaral claims-- to a distant area and bury her. For him to have buried his daughter's dead body, he would have needed a considerable amount of time to dig a hole on the ground. How could he have done this by himself without someone seeing him? And what about the group of friends he and his wife were dinning with? They would have noticed his prolonged absence and question his whereabouts. The facts show a complete different scenario than what Amaral and his supporters want us to believe. Later in the same section of Chapter 1 he concludes that "the closing of the case certainly serves someone's interest." We don't know whether or not he realised at the time that what he wrote only confirmed what is now obvious: There were powerful interests behind who wanted the case closed for reasons we still don't know yet. The whole book is full of contradictions and inconsistencies, but we don't think is worth going into more details while knowing that sooner than later, we will arrive at the same conclusion already expressed in other writings long before reading the book: Amaral's book is a cover up of the truth and a shameless opportunistic commercial endeavour to cash in on a tragedy.

Any person with decency must not believe nor support whatever he does in his effort to deny that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped on behalf of a specific individual and for specific reasons. Is the individual Jose Manuel Barroso? The Christopher Story Journalist Investigation Agency reported that it was him. [See related writings on this blog]