Sunday, January 10, 2010

This earlier writing has now become credible in many Internet media sources

Did the Portuguese police kidnap Madeleine Mc Cann? 

The Spanish media Internet source JM Noticias [JM News] at published on February 8, 2008 an article entitled in Spanish: ¿Secuestro un policia a Madeleine Mc Cann? Translation: Did a policeman kidnap Madeleine Mc Cann? According to the article, while the elite-controlled media have been publishing speculations on Madeleine's case, the author of a blog had predicted that the Portuguese police would declare Gerry and Kate Mc Cann "arguidos" [suspects] as a tactic to conceal the implication of police officers in the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine on May 3, 2007. In the blog titled "master of fate" some unusual and suspicious photographs show Gerry and Kate Mc Cann being closely watched by a policeman shortly before Madeleine vanished. The author of the blog who goes by the anonymous "Inu Yasha" assures his audience that [...] "the Portuguese police have not really being looking for Maddie because they know where she is. The police have instead dedicated to create a hostile environment against her parents so they can charge them with the dead of their daughter." Mr. "Yasha" further continuos by stating that [...] " instead of looking for the little girl since they know where she is, the Portuguese police have been preparing the terrain by working very intensively on creating a favourable public opinion with the end in mind to imprison both parents and close the case." The article inform that in his blog, the author wrote that the Portuguese police is repeating the same tricks used in an earlier and similar case in which the mother of another little girl who was also abducted and disappeared not far from Praia da Luz, was convicted without evidence after suffering great torture. "It is almost exactly to the case of Leonor Cipriano who was convicted of murdering her daughter Joanna even though there was no proof that the child had died. I believe the little girl was abducted on orders by an international paedophile organisation with presence in Portugal. As in Joanna's case the final outcome in Madeleine's will be the same," wrote the author on his blog. Mr. " Yasha" also stated that in the suspicious pictures one can see Robert Murat in the company of the police and a Negro man that was spying on Madeleine before her abduction. In fact, the Negro appears in the background of a picture looking at Madeleine while she was playing with her father and the other two children. The blog is located at [in Spanish]. 

In our opinion, the information featured in the JM Noticias article on the contents of the blog is neither necessarily frivolous nor unfounded. If you would look into the numerous facts and details related to the Portuguese police performance on Madeleine's case since day one, you would probably conclude that it is now a puzzle with too many pieces all scattered and deliberately being kept that way by a sinister veil of secrecy. What or who is the Portuguese police protecting? The answer to this question can only be obtained by conducting a thorough investigation of the Portuguese police itself by an outside force. All the pieces of the puzzle need to be put in place for all to see and understand the truth related to the well-planned and executed abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann. Only then will her parents get the answers to the three questions:

1) Who abducted Madeleine?
2) Why?
3) Where is she being kept against her will?

Until the above-mentioned is done the actual situation of uncertainties will continue on while Madeleine suffers in God knows what conditions...


After studying some Portuguese history in contemporary times plus journalistic research on the possible connection between Madeleine's abduction, and the well-entrenched paedophilia and hard-core officialdom corruption in Portugal, we think there is a possibility that one or more member(s) of the Portuguese police were involved in the abduction. If this turns out to be the case it would not be a surprise at all. More information on related writings published here. Continuous research has produced an amount of information in different Internet media outlets pointing out to the Portuguese police involvement in the kidnapping and mysterious disappearance of the British child. Some publications even accuse the Portuguese police blatantly of her kidnapping. The Editor of this blog does not accuse anyone as some media sources are doing now, but very strongly suspect that individuals connected with the Portuguese officialdom are responsible for the crime. The characteristics surrounding the commission of the crime suggest that it was an abduction indeed but not carried out by a lone paedophile; it was a well organized criminal plan for specific purposes. We believe that time will confirm this theory.


Andrew Chapman said...

Christopher Story says that she was procured for Barroso. If that is not true why doesn't Barroso sue Story?

Anonymous said...

We sent to the team investigating the case a copy of the report published in Christopher Story's website, but apparently the information is not credible to them. They are spending whatever amount of resorces and time while going around in circles and not finding anything, while the Christopher Story report is ignored. Incredible but true!

Andrew Chapman said...

It is not hard to see why the report might seem incredible to them. We only know such men through the media and of course they are presented as normal and responsible people. Without some prior education in the criminal and perverse ways of the elite it would be hard to give it any credence.

A good start, especially for English people would be to read the Frankklin Cover-Up in conjunction with Yorkshire TV's Conspiracy of Silence, which backs up the overall story even though they didn't include the most evil and wicked acts that were reported in the book.

Truth Teller said...

Andrew Chapman:

We accept your opinion on why the investigation team would not accept the information as crdible. Individuals in the power structure of this rotten system, are presented as good and decent men not capable of doing what Christopher Story said Jose Manuel Barroso did. The perverted elite controlling the mass media, has created a mind-set that doesn't let people see beyond what they were told, and this is part of the problem. Too many common people are simply brainwashed to believe that a man like Barroso would order the kidnapping of a little girl. We will continue to believe that what Christopher Story reported is true, even if the McCanns don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

I have a link up to this article on your previous blog, but now that you have changed blogs I will link up here instead. Good work


Anonymous said...

The hermetic attitude of the McCanns does not let anyone opinion with certainty, and so all we can do is express our ideas objectively and according to visible facts. Outside those who know, no one else can assure that Portuguese officials played a role in the disapperence of Madeleine, but by simple common sense and the details we all know about by now, the version related to police or other official entity involvement is a real possibility. In fact, it is almost certain...

Anonymous said...

Child abductors usually a familiar face

While shocking in its apparent randomness and brutality, experts say the case of Victoria Stafford may be typical in one way. The woman charged with abducting the 8-year-old from Woodstock, Ont., was not a perfect stranger – rather, she was an acquaintance of her mother.

For decades, parents have warned their kids about “stranger danger.” But now child safety experts say those warnings are outdated, even misleading.

Source: RCMP's Our Missing Children website

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Satanists to the left, Satanists to the right, Above, Below, they steal children for their rituals and various other sicknesses.

Read Cathy O'Brien to learn of the depth of their depravity. The Jewish Talmud promotes pedophilia and a lack of compassion to non Jewish children. They are there for use including the sexual. It is all tied in together.

Our governments are now more Talmudic than ever. The American Courts are now either Catholic or Jewish. Our legal system is almost entirely Talmudic but the people do not see or know this. There will be no answers ever for the Maddy's and Jon Benet's of this world.

JonBenet was ritually murdered. Just look at the coroner's and police photos. She was being tortured and trained for these awful people. Maddy? That is why she was taken also.

It happens all the time but rarely is there media like for Maddy. I do know that these rotten people have "servants" who will get them a child to fit any description. They do not like theft because there is so much publicity, normally they will use Social Services to get the child under some stupid ruse or another.

In a case like Maddy's where the perpetrators have access to media, there will be so much confusing information released, no one will be able to get at the truth unless by fluke. Look at the case of Johnny Gosch or the boys of the Franklin Cover Up.

There is an excellent film here to watch.

BEYOND THE DUTROUX AFFAIR. It actually shows the faces and names of the elite behind child perversion and satanism in this particular case.

They consider themselves untouchable, above the law.

They forget that God has laws too. As do all decent folk on the planet.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I just wrote you a good note on this subject and it was not accepted. I am not happy for I included much data and cannot redo it.


The film at the bottom, Beyond the Detroux Affair might be of interest to show just who and what decent people are up against.