Monday, October 26, 2009

Did Jose Manuel Barroso ordered the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann?

Is Madeleine McCann being held captive by orders of Jose Manuel Barroso?  

1. An important journalistic information breakthrough on the case of missing Madeleine McCann was made with revelations published by the Christopher Story intelligence publication, following the receipt of death-threats after releasing names of individuals. According to the information, behind the abduction of Madeleine McCann is a shadowy and dangerous criminal organisation known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst [DVD] from Germany with presence at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels. Christopher Story told readers that DVD has been extensively involved in paedophile child abduction criminal operations for many years, both in Europe and abroad. Selected children are kidnapped, degraded for extremely evil and perverse purposes, filmed and eventually murdered in the production of snuff films for the lucrative international child pornography trade. Elite and officialdom members in several countries, including Portugal, are either "clients" and/or agents of the DVD infiltrated in the social structure of the countries in which they operate. Christopher Story reported also that on August 7, 2008 detective John Shord from the Metropolitan Police of London confirmed that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped on orders by a member of the European Commission, through a paedophile organisation in Belgium but controlled by the Nazi deep-rooted DVD based in Germany.

2. Part of the procedure used by the DVD when planning to kidnap a child on behalf of a "purchaser" consist of taking pictures of different children and sending them to the "client" being serviced who then chooses one of them. The selected child is then abducted to meet the requirements of the "client." In the case of Madeleine McCann, after a DVD agent took pictures of her and other children at the beach, they were sent to Jose Manuel Barroso who selected her for his own gratification in line with paedophile practices within the European Commission. According to information published at and on the Christopher Story website, the pictures were given to him after they came from a computer located in Praia da Luz. The DVD is operated in secrecy from the European Commission headquarters under the auspices of top leaders therein.

3. The current position of the DVD regarding Madeleine McCann is refusing to release any information on the child although her parents and some British officials believe that she is still alive. We do not think she is but certainly hope to be wrong. Furthermore, the DVD was conveyed that if Madeleine McCann is harmed [meaning murdered] beyond the abominable degree to which she has already been harmed, the consequences will be extreme and warned that the child must be release into the care of her parents, but Jose Manuel Barroso stands in the way to protect himself and others responsible for the crime. It was warned also that anyone concerned about the case must be aware of the consequences, if continuing with the exposure of it as it will compromise elite class members and prominent politicians in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, as well as paedophile individuals in the corrupt European Union structures. So according to this warning, we are at risk now by writing and publishing this piece of information for the public.

4. The website of activist David Icke published a report on the Madeleine McCann case investigated by an intelligence officer of the Gerard Group International. The report is dated 03/05/2008.

a) United Kingdom and Portuguese police knew for several days the exact location of Madeleine McCann after her kidnapping but nothing was done to rescue her.
b) Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by a paedophile ring linked to the covert German Deutsches Verteidigungs [DVD] intelligence criminal organisation with presence in Portugal.
c) Portuguese officialdom members deliberately frustrated the police investigation which degenerated into a laughable farce.
d) Madeleine McCann was taken out of the Praia da Luz area by sea and the original destination was a port in Antwerp, but was held for fifth teen days on a vessel in Moroccan territorial waters without the knowledge or consent of the Morocco government. The child was later taken to Belgian which is the place from where the kidnap orders originated from.
e) As of this writing, it is believed that Madeleine McCann is still alive but in grave mortal danger at the hands of those responsible for her being where she is now. This urgent situation requires prompt action without further delay, and every available intelligence resource of the United Kingdom and Portugal must be committed to finding and saving her from an inevitable death if she is not rescued.
f) The involvement of Portuguese, Belgian and German intelligence in the case indicates that the political situation in Europe could deteriorate if this crisis is not resolved quickly and effectively.

5. The kidnap scandal barely scratched the surface of Portuguese society as it is widely known and accepted that there are many paedophiles who are high-ranking officials and abductions of children in Portugal, followed by their eventual murder after unspeakable horrors perpetrated against them, is a common feature of Portuguese political life where at least two paedophile rings -one of which is tied to the European Commission- continue to operate under the control of the DVD based in Germany. 

6. Jose Manuel Durao Barroso was born in Lisbon on March 23, 1956 and is married to Margarita Sousa; their children are Luis, Francisco and Guillermo. Jose Manuel Barroso is a man of extreme right wing ideology. He is an active supporter of the war in Iraq, and in the eve of the illegal invasion of that country, he provided a venue to George Bush and Tony Blair in the Azores region of Portugal. He is known to be a hard-core paedophile and shows his condition by protecting those with whom he shares his perverse habit. He uses his economic and political power to shield himself and get away with crimes such as the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann which he ordered. In addition, he has a close friendship with Gordon Brown of Britain, who protects him by keeping silence on what he knows with regards to the Madeleine McCann case. Grapevine type of information circulating in Journalistic circles, suggest that Gordon Brown betrayed a supposed friendship he had with Gerry and Kate McCann, by not helping them rescue their daughter even though he has enough information to find the child. The rumours say that Gordon Brown knows about the paedophile activities of Jose Manuel Barroso and of other prominent European politicians, but is keeping silence to protect his personal interests and those of his colleagues or political associates. They say that Gordon Brown even has the private telephone number of Gerry McCann, and that their friendship developed out of both being Scottish in origin, and on the important role Gerry McCann could play as a Doctor in matters related to micro chip implanting under the skin on the population, in connection with the global elite's agenda to establish the so-called "new world order." According to the rumours, the strong bond they had developed was shattered by Gordon Brown's refusal to help the McCann's find their daughter, in order to protect Jose Manuel Barroso and other paedophile perverts in government.

7. The McCann family happily left Rothley, Leicestershire for a much anticipated holiday in Praia da Luz on the Algarve region of Portugal, on April 28, 2007. There was an area of high pressure over the Lagos Bay and weather conditions were fine with little or no wind. Madeleine's cuddle cat pink toy was tucked safely into a bag, and nothing could have been further from the family's mind that they would soon be at the centre of a great tragedy, and triggering a crisis of trust and confidence of Portugal as a safe holiday destination for children. The Portuguese authorities were always aware of the existing organised paedophile activity in the country, as several other children had either been abducted or had survived abduction attempts during a six month period prior to the McCann family arrival. No one alerted the Mark Warner Ocean Club administration or staff on the dangers posed to young children in Portugal, security at resorts was not heightened, and there was no extra police presence on the streets to act as deterrent. 

8. On either the 29th or 30th of April, Madeleine McCann was photographed on the beach by someone very possibly using a mobile telephone digital camera. The photograph of Madeleine McCann together with possibly two other children, were sent on/or about May 1, 2007 as an attachment with an electronic mail message from a computer located in Praia da Luz, used by an intelligence gatherer for the Lisbon paedophile ring to an address in Brussels. Sergey Malinka who is a computer technician and own a store was interviewed by the Portuguese police, but he was somehow alerted and wiped clean hundreds of files on his computer hard drive before the police swooped on his Praia da Luz apartment. He denied any involvement in the abduction of Madeleine McCann and the police could not arrest or charge him for a lack of evidence. The mail sent from Praia da Luz was intercepted at a switching centre but its significance was not appreciated until after Madeleine was abducted. Malinka's car was recently destroyed and the word "fala" ["talk" in Portuguese] was written on the sidewalk.

9. During the early afternoon on May 3, 2007 a yacht flying a Dutch flag left Portimao heading north and was positioned at the Marina in Lagos near Praia da Luz. Journalistic research suggests that Sergey Malinka made a telephone contact with his wife who was on board the vessel.

10. The McCann family was placed under continues surveillance conducted by a man appearing to be Spanish, Portuguese or Moroccan since May 1, 2007.

11. On the night of May 3, 2007 the shutters of a ground floor window to the McCann's apartment were forced open and entry was gained through the window which was not particularly secure. Two individuals were involved in the operation. Entry having been gained they undoubtedly appreciated a security failure as the front door was unlocked. No alarm system was installed and with such locks as they were fitted, it would have made no difference whether the front door was locked or not. Some claim that it would have made a great difference had an adult been baby-sitting while the McCann's dinned and drink with their friends, but if the kidnappers were armed it would have made no difference either. Individuals involved in this type of criminal activity are totally amoral, ruthless, and would not hesitate to murder anyone who gets in their way. The team may have murdered children before in the making of snuff movies and previous cases suggest they are experienced and brutal killers as part of their occupation. The DVD is considered to be the most evil, ruthless and secretive criminal intelligence organization in the world, even more than the CIA, as they are not part of any government. Paedophile rings under DVD control have murdered hundreds of innocent children, and there is not a reason to believe they are about to stop their lucrative criminal activity. Children like Madeleine McCann can be "sold" for up to 50 thousand dollars. Kidnapping and "selling" children is a business for profit like any other in this system.

12. The yacht at the Marina waited while Madeleine McCann was taken from the bed she was sleeping on. One reliable witness, who happened to be near by enjoying the nice and warm night, reported seeing a man carrying a child who fitted Madeleine's description and fast walking towards the yacht. He told Portuguese police what he saw but was ignored. The yacht has a sound-proof compartment where it is believed Madeleine was held for fifth teen days while on Moroccan international waters. Question: Even after more than two years have passed since Madeleine was abducted, should the Moroccans still be asked to board and search the yacht since it appears to be a lead source?

13. The paedophile being serviced in Brussels had specified a blond-haired girl about age five preferably English speaking. Journalistic investigation of this case suggests that --very tragically for little Madeleine-- she was chosen by this morally worthless and pathetic paedophile pervert who must have known that the child could not be released alive after he had finished abusing her.


We share the determination the McCann's have expressed many times: "We will NEVER give up searching for Madeleine." Regardless of what already may have happened to the child abandoning her should never be an option. More than two years is a long time for any child to be forcibly separated from his/her parents and family as a result of kidnapping and more so in the circumstances of this case. There is no other option here and the search must go on even if only to find out that Madeleine no longer lives. Any person with decent moral standards has a degree of responsibility to help with the search of Madeleine even if he/she is a stranger to her family.

This information we have shared with you today is not new to us. If you would read other pieces we have published, you will find that we have been telling about who is really behind the destructive criminal activity that child abduction is. We are concerned with child abduction in general and not just with Madeleine McCann, but as a result of the world-wide publicity of the case, it is an opportunity to expose the truth not everyone is focusing on. We want people to be conscious of this social reality, and not think of child abduction as something that only happens to others just because it hasn't happened to you. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and we the common people can't rely or depend on the officialdom to protect our children. We must do it ourselves but need to be united regardless of where you are or who you are. We have proof to show that too many people still don't understand the depth and dimension of this criminal activity which makes them apathetic as a result of their ignorance. We want people to become aware and participate in taking the necessary steps to tackle the problem, and deal with those responsible for crimes against our children appropriately and according to the circumstances of each individual case.

We hope to count on you.


Ironside said...

We have seen for ourselves that the shutter was not forced...You have now lost your credibility.

Anonymous said...

After all, what really counts is that Madeleine was kidnapped to order and not whether the shutters were open or not. Who are you anyway..? Why are you so concerned with the shutters not being forced? What difference does it make now?

Anonymous said...

More Mccann spin me thinks. Anything to blame the Portuguese and to weight the paedophile rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Yes, pathetic, sexually inept and inadequate people are behind this. It fits that those who are desperate to be 'important', probably because of their sexual impotence, would turn a blind eye and not have the balls to challenge the ringleaders in their "sacrifice of care" rituals. PATHETIC! Their nasty little Freemason 'you scratch my back' club. BUT, you know what, we normal people are all wising up. We know the same people intend to try and use this one abduction to justify micro-chipping us and taking away what is left of our sovereignty. We are not going to stant for it. We have already begun waking up to the debt-note money scam, banking nonsense. The lies of any of them, being 'our representatives' (poppycock!) We have realised that these people are nothing but foul criminals, bullies and cowards.

Anonymous said...

An interview with Michael Shrimpton was broadcasted recently in 2013, with exactly teh same information as on this blog?? Why 3 years later does this "news" appears as news???

Anonymous said...

So have the police got this information because they are asking if anyone has new info, if so why are they not acting on it?
Why isn't this in the mainstream media?

Anonymous said...

Interesting a boat was mentioned a friend of mine did a remote viewing again a boat the vision revealed as a small yacht that was at this time some distance from the beach it was daylight two men were on board one tall blonde hair late 50's he was with Madeleine he couldn't see any more he was disturbed by the vision and unable to continue.

Anonymous said...

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