Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Portuguese police claim that Madeleine McCann is dead belongs to the strategy to cover up the crime

Suing Goncalo Amaral for defamation is not enough We wish to opinion on the decision by Gerald and Kate McCann to denounce Goncalo Amaral judicially for his ill-intended reckless campaign against the real search for their daughter, and the systematic defamation by accusing them of causing the purported dead of Madeleine and burying her body somewhere on the beach. On the basis of his own words and actions, we believe that Goncalo Amaral is responsible for much more than defaming Gerald and Kate McCann, deliberately not searching for Madeleine, and purposely hindering the search for the child by private investigators every since early days after her disappearance. In spite of not having material evidence to prove it, we are and will continue to be, convinced that Goncalo Amaral and his associates never really intended to search for Madeleine or her kidnapper. When he was first assigned by then police director Paulo Pereira Cristovao to lead the phoney "investigation," he brought with him into the case precise detailed instructions on how to act and handle the case; he brought directives into the case that did not include conducting a true search for Madeleine or the kidnapper, but instead, a strategy used in previous child-abduction cases in Portugal whereby the focus was placed on distracting the attention from the kidnapping, and shifting it into blaming parents or other family members of being involved in the crime. To accomplish this strategy successfully the mass media played a decisive role by brainwashing the naïve into believing what they wanted. This was done again in the case of Madeleine McCann. The so-called "arguido" status lodged against Gerald and Kate McCann was an integral part of that strategy, as it served the dual purpose of constraining them and in parallel provided sufficient time for the crime to become settled according to plans. The abduction of Madeleine McCann was well-planned and the abductor acted on behalf of others. We suspect that Madeleine's kidnapping was carried out to comply with a bid that had been offered by an elite member or group in Portugal. Do not think of this vision to be a far-fetched one unless you first do at least some research into the history of paedophilia in Portugal and who is behind it. Our knowledge of Portugal and Spain, prompt us to suspect that Madeleine could have been abducted on behalf of someone in the elite class, and that she might still be somewhere in Portugal, but well hidden. In the historical paedophilia scandal in Portugal known as Casa Pia, innocent children were taken to luxurious mansions located in secluded areas to be brutally raped and continuously abused. This depraved criminal activity lasted for decades until it was uncovered and became known as one of the biggest paedophilia scandals in contemporary times. The uncovering of this criminal activity showed with overwhelming evidence, the direct participation of perverted men in the elite class, and many others in prominent social positions including the judiciary, entertainment, actors, intellectuals, and even members of the police! With this brief information you can imagine the degree of corruption and depravity existing in Portugal. The abduction and mysterious disappearance of kids in Portugal is linked to these facts. On speculation, we strongly suspect that Madeleine's abduction could be connected with these well-documented historical facts, and also that Goncalo Amaral received detailed instructions on what to do in the case to protect those in the elite class, who may be ultimately responsible for the crime. Within this context Goncalo Amaral is responsible for a lot more than just defaming Gerald and Kate McCann. He is technically an accessory to a crime of kidnapping. The unfortunate impediment with hard facts like these is the lack of tangible evidence to create the vital technical conditions for establishing the grounds for a criminal indictment. We may know objectively what Goncalo Amaral and others are guilty of, but if we are not able to show material evidence to sustain the accusations, the hard core facts are relegated to mere subjective opinions and dismissed. Notwithstanding the lack of physical evidence to support criminal charges against Goncalo Amaral for kidnapping, there might be technical grounds to file a complaint against the Policia Judiciaria [PJ] of Portugal for allowing and promoting gross violations of human rights within its jurisdiction. See "The criminal Complaint against the Portuguese police" related to this subject on this blog. The book by Paulo Cristovao Former police chief Paulo Pereira Cristovao who assigned Goncalo Amaral to the Madeleine McCann case, also wrote and published a book entitled "The Star of Madeleine" which according to the Daily Mail of London, its contents are even more callous, sadistic and brutal than Goncalo Amaral's book "The Truth of a Lie," for which he will be sued by Madeleine's parents. According to the Daily Mail, Paulo Cristovao publicly declared that he intended his book to be "proudly" protective of Portugal as a heaven for paedophiles, and "to infuriate the McCann's…" In a very callous and sadistic manner, Cristovao assures the reader in his book that "[…] Madeleine is dead; her body was dumped into the Sea, and disappeared forever..." Also, at one point during the so-called "investigation" into the disappearance of Madeleine, Paulo Cristovao said on various occasions that he wanted Gerald and Kate McCann to be put in prison for ten years for leaving their children unattended. We suggest that Gerald and Kate McCann seriously consider suing Paulo Cristovao also for the highly offensive and grotesque statements in his book. More information on Paulo Cristovao can be obtained on this blog in an article entitled "The writings and profile of Paulo Cristovao" and other related subjects. The strategy to cover up the abduction of Madeleine McCann One need not be an expert on police science to understand that the reckless performance by Goncalo Amaral in the case related to Madeleine McCann was not done inadvertently. It was a carefully designed plot-like criminal strategy according to the particular circumstances of the case. Goncalo Amaral was assigned to the case by Paulo Pereira Cristovao who was the police director at the time Madeleine McCann was kidnapped. Amaral and Cristovao had worked as partners in the most prominent previous cases related to paedophilia and child abduction in Portugal, including the famous case related to Joanna Cipriano, a native Portuguese girl who disappeared without a trace. [See the writing entitled "The Portuguese police should be investigated by the European Court of Human Rights" published on this blog]. All known groups and individuals active in different forms against child abduction throughout the world with which we have contacts have raised the same question: Why was Goncalo Amaral assigned to the case by Paulo Cristovao at that critical time? We don't know about you but to us the reasons are evident. However, while we may claim that those two individuals knew and still know the truth about the case, we encounter the same obstacle again by not being able to prove that our knowledge is true due to the lack of material evidence. This is truly unfortunate because it only helps to strengthen the criminal position of the perpetrators and of those interested in covering up the truth. As of this writing, we don't have any precise information yet on where, when or by who was the plot-like criminal strategy to cover up the crime conceived and created, but there are hints pointing out to Paulo Cristovao and other unknown individuals in the Portuguese officialdom, who could have very possibly laid down the bases of what became the actual plan on how and what to do, according to the objective circumstances of the crime to be that was being carefully planned on behalf of others acting behind the scenes. It can't be declared either with certainty that Goncalo Amaral was a direct participant in the conception and creation of the strategy, but what can be stated based on his performance, is that he was chosen for particular reasons to implement it according to the design that produced the results we are all familiar with now. He was very probably chosen to lead the charade him and his clique so shamefully called "investigation," based on his expertise obtained in previous child abduction cases in Portugal, in particular, the one related to Joanna Cipriano in which he was a shiny star thanks to his sadism, brutality and an overall extrajudicial criminal conduct for which he was rewarded with impunity, and given only an 18-month suspended sentence after conviction despite the evidence against him. Goncalo Amaral was the ideal subject to carry out the strategy designed to assure that Madeleine's kidnapping was successful. Everything he did throughout the so-called "investigation" was intended to comply with the plan according to its original design. He did many things except search for Madeleine or her kidnapper. When the case was shelved no one in Portugal was surprised, an attitude in the Portuguese idiosyncrasy meaning "we knew from the start that it would end like that…" The native Portuguese know their own country inside out and Anglos can learn from this if they want to. Goncalo Amaral worked for the police during several years and gained a reputation known in and out of Portugal. He is known as a ruthless and callous henchman of the rich and powerful who would do anything to gain their trust and confidence. Kate McCann called him a "disgrace" but she fell short when describing him. Many of us think that he is a pathetic thug and a coward who gets his kicks from beating up and torturing women; he is a true ruffian of the elite and a menace to common people and these are some of the reasons why suing him for defamation is not enough. He is part of the Portuguese officialdom and always will be protected and rewarded for his subordination. Without being able to prove it with material evidence, we believe that him and all those with whom he is connected in the Portuguese officialdom, know the truth about the kidnapping of Madeleine. He and his associates --including Paulo Cristovao-- know who kidnapped Madeleine, for what purpose, on whose behalf, where she was taken to, and where she could be now. We suspect that Madeleine never actually left Portugal and is being held captive by those who "paid" for her. By claiming that she is dead, they are protecting those who are ultimately responsible for the crime. We further believe that the case will not be resolved by using conventional methods; regardless of what new information is given to the Portuguese police, they will continue claiming that Madeleine is dead to prevent the truth from being known.


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Incredible information by whoever wrote it. Whoever they are, these people seem to know their own stuff and are right on track.

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Christ on a bike!
Even I'm not this fucking crazy

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...barking at the moon.
Maybe next month the Mccann's henchemen will present in a press conference another sketch of a new suspect, maybe donald duck or a cabbage farmer from albania.
At least Amaral's book, based on Judiciária Police reports has facts.
Why don't ask Mr. Martin Smith from Ireland and his family who they saw carrying the girl at about 10 pm on 3 may 2007?