Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Child abduction is a government covert policy

Feedback to Kate McCann's message published on the official website to find Madeleine

Dear Mrs. McCann:

We felt compelled to write this feedback after reading your message published on the official website to find Madeleine. We think that your writing as a whole contains important statements and questions which are relevant to child abduction in general, a problem that we see as an extremely grave social epidemic considering the length of time this criminal activity has been occurring, and the staggering numbers of children who were kidnapped and disappeared mysteriously without a trace, including your daughter. Our feedback is inspired by your own statements and questions from which we take on to expand by using our knowledge obtained through investigation and/or research. Your message begins with the following quotation: 

"It is only since Madeleine was taken from us, that Gerry and I have become aware of just how many children go missing each year from all around the world. The scale of the problem is huge. In fact, it is terrifying. I have asked myself many times 'why did I not know about this'? Am I that naive or is it the fact that the problem itself is not well publicised for whatever reason?" 

We find a source of inspiration in your words related to how you and Gerry became aware of child abduction "only" until you both actually became victims. Most people we have met throughout our research and/or investigation of this social phenomenon responded in either identical or similar ways to how you have expressed yourself regarding this tragedy. In your case, being a native of the country with the highest child abduction rate, we can't help to think that you were exposed to this social reality in some way and at some point, but never thought of it as something that could happen to you. This is the attitude that make would be victims of this crime to be vaguely lax to the point of leaving children unattended as you did for days in a row, having created thereby, the window of opportunity the kidnappers needed to abduct Madeleine. So, the answer to the question as to whether or not you were naive is "yes." It is naive not be aware of a social reality that is around you in a country where a child goes missing every five minutes, according to the organization called Parents and Abducted Children Together [PACT] of which you are familiar with.

Evidence in almost all cases where children were abducted by strangers, shows conclusively that the main factor kidnappers used to their advantage in their criminal plans, was the lax attitude of parents who left their children unattended. In the question you also wonder if haven't been made aware of on time regarding massive child abduction, can be attributed to "the fact that the problem itself is not well publicised for whatever reason?" With this wonder, intuitively you can feel a connection between your naïveté and the mass media deliberate refusal to address this terrible social tragedy in honest and adequate forms, but perhaps the connection did not melt in your mind as a solid and clear idea. For the sake of clarity we quote directly from your own statement: […] "or is it the fact that the problem itself is not well publicised for whatever reasons?" Notice that you realize and acknowledge the mass media role by not publicising child abduction as a fact, but also showed ignorance by not really knowing why they do, and simply wrote "for whatever reason." There are professional individuals with several years of experience in the field of investigating child abduction and other related crimes that have shed light on the deliberate obscurity kept by the establishment's mass media on this heinous criminal activity. One activist that has contributed enormously to enlighten people on who is truly behind massive child abduction is David Icke, who authored an article we recommend you to read at as soon as you can or want. We believe that after you read Mr. Icke's article you will have a better understanding of the spectrum and dimensions surrounding child abduction. One area Mr. Icke's focuses on in his writings is the complicity role played by the mass media and its strategy to keep the public ignorant of the continuous abduction and disappearance of small children and youngsters. You may or may not believe it, but child and youngster's abduction is a covert government policy organized at the highest levels, on behalf of social elite members who require this for different purposes the average citizen ignore, thanks in part to the deliberate role the media play by keeping the information hidden from the public. So within the context of these and other related facts, your statement regarding the media and child abduction is correct. The only part missing in your message is why and what are the reasons involved in the media's policy towards the social tragedy that child abduction and disappearance really is. The media is responsible for too many people having a paralysed brain and thus being naïve by not knowing that child abduction is a reality that happens every day and every where, but more so in Europe and North America than in other countries. Britain has the highest child abduction rate in Europe and the United States is number one in the world while the media keeps total silence in complicity. Did you ever wondered why before? Probably not according to your own statements, until now that you have become victims of this well-organized criminal activity being financed by very powerful and rich individuals in the elite class. Whoever kidnapped Madeleine was only a layer of many others who work for the real perpetrators responsible for the existence of this criminal "enterprise" that's been going on for a long time. These statements are not meant to blame you or your husband for what happened to your daughter, but you certainly contributed by leaving your children unattended with your vaguely lax attitude deep-rooted in being naïve as a result of the reasons already stated. We blame the elite-controlled media for their subordinated role to those powers on behalf of whom they deny the truth, by not exposing the reality of child abduction thereby creating the psycho-social conditions for people to think that if it is not being publicised on television, newspapers or magazines, then it must not be true or it isn't important enough to be concerned with. This is what makes people become naïve and have careless and too lax attitudes towards children by leaving them unattended. With regards to the lack of a precision system to collect recorded and categorize data related to the high number of child abduction cases, here again the government deliberately fails to have such a system because the bottom line really is that they don't want it to exist. If they really did it would indeed exist and be available. Why don't they want such a system to exist? Simply because they are the main protectors and promoters of child abduction as a covert official policy on behalf of a powerful perverted elite in control of the entire government and social system. In case you still don't believe this, do some research and you will find out that it is true. In the United States, for example, the Federal Bureau of Investigations [FBI] keeps a highly precise recorded data on the number of cars stolen every year, but none on the overwhelming high numbers of kids who are snatched every day off the streets and playgrounds across the country. Do you think this is simply accidental? Naïve if you do. The abduction and mysterious disappearance of children will continue until the government becomes free from the evil grip of the perverted, powerful and rich who control it. On the public awareness the Madeleine's case has highlighted, you are absolutely right and thanks to you and Gerry many people are now aware and conscious of the great evil that child abduction represents. We hope that you will continue the media campaign and that Madeline is found alive and well. 

God bless you and your family.

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