Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who is truly behind child abduction?

About this blog

The creation of this blog was inspired by the tragedy that took place on the night of May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal when Madeleine Beth Mc Cann, age three at the time, was abducted and mysteriously disappeared. The large amount of publicity the case generated, contributed to a conscious rising level that now seeks to go beyond the abominable act of abducting an innocent child, into the depth of what is the root of this world-wide criminal activity that has reached epidemic proportions, at a time when the real threat of micro chip implanting under the skin is lurking every where these days. The author believes that the almost systematic abduction of children in different parts of the world at present is not a mere coincidence, but rather part of a bigger plan designed with an specific purpose in mind, as all abductions seem to be connected and deep rooted in the same trunk. The Internet contain a considerable number of web sites whose main feature is the subject related to missing children, but none of them address the criminal activity as part of a possible overall plan designed to generate a degree of social shock. In addition, conventional mass media outlets in North America and Europe --particularly those with universal coverage possibility-- do not approach the problem beyond the momentary occurrence when an abduction is perpetrated, and so the original interest due to the magnitude of the crime, is lost into a simple notion of common news and the next day things will go on as usual. This blog with its non-conventional published writings, will seek to see the current attitude of forgetting the abduction of a child a day after it was news, to be changed into one where true concern based on a state of consciousness is the norm. Anyone can become victim of a child abduction in a social reality that affects us all now and not just when it actually happens to you or to a member of your family or friends. 

The future of this blog
The author thinks that this blog can only have a good future if you become part of it by writing your ideas and getting them published here for the world to read them. The blog is not personally owned by no one regardless of who create it. It belongs to you and me and this means that we have a responsibility to make it a success or failure. There are no rules or limits on what you wish to write, but it is asked that you be innovating, genuine, and above all, tell the truth. If you can meet these you are welcome.

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