Friday, May 2, 2008

Author's Note: The writing below is a reply to a letter sent by someone from the website located at that I suspect is connected with the Portuguese establishment and possibly involved in criminal activity related to child abduction in some way. I suggest that you read the reply and judge for yourself.


Thank You for responding to my mail regarding the Mc Cann case. I have read your reply with interest and agree on the part related to Gerry and Kate Mc Cann leaving their children unattended. They have already admitted their guilt publicly so there is no need to keep focusing on that anymore. We should focus now on other matters that could provide clues or clear evidence on the real truth, and not rely on the official Portuguese version of what happened to Madeleine Mc Cann. What interest me in particular is the statement you have made denying the abduction of Madeleine without providing any explanation for your conclusion. You wrote that "there is no evidence of abduction" so I ask: If there was no abduction, then what was it? On what basis do you make the assertion? Your statement is in line with the Portuguese police claim that there was no abduction and that Gerry and Kate Mc Cann killed their daughter even though there was not a shred of evidence to support their tacit criminal accusation. You wrote also that Portuguese detectives Goncalo Amaral and Paolo Cristovao "are irrelevant to the case." How according to you, these men are "irrelevant" to the case when they were in charge of the so-called "investigation" that wasn't? Goncalo Amaral was the official police leading the "investigation" up until the time when he clashed with members of the British police, who were challenging his charade that didn't really have to do with searching for Madeleine, but instead, accusing the Mc Canns of murder while buying time so that the child could disappear effectively. How can these men be "irrelevant" when it was under the leadership of Amaral, that members of his police staff illegally offered Kate Mc Cann a two year prison term during an interrogation session, if she falsely admitted killing her daughter? How can these men be "irrelevant" when both are now facing a criminal trail for the brutal and savage torture of prisoner Leonor Cipriano, mother of a Portuguese girl who was also abducted and mysteriously disappeared in a small town not very far from Praia da Luz? There are stunning similarities between the two cases, with the difference being that Gerry and Kate are not serving a long prison term because they are not Portuguese, their status as Doctors, and the possible damage that could have caused to State bilateral relations, had they been tortured and falsely imprisoned like in other cases. How can Paolo Cristovao be "irrelevant" when he has made conclusive written sadistic and callous declarations on the case, even though a Portuguese secrecy law forbids anyone from speaking or writing about a case when it hasn't been resolved? Cristovao is a former police director with an in-depth knowledge on children abduction cases in Portugal, including the case of Joanna Cipriano which he handled in such a way, that her mother ended up in prison after a murder conviction based on confessions made just to avoid greater torture that could have caused her dead. This is part of the criminal background belonging to Cristovao, the same individual who recently told the world that "Madeleine didn't make it and her body was dumped into the Atlantic Ocean and lost forever..." Not only his statement violated the Portuguese secrecy law but suggested also that he does know about the Mc Cann case in ways the rest of us don't. Personally, I strongly suspect that Cristovao knows who abducted Madeleine Mc Cann, where was she taken to, on behalf of whom, and of her whereabouts weather she is dead or alive. His statements are too confident for anyone not to think that he knows what he is writing or talking about. I also suspect that his statement on the child's body being "dumped into the Ocean," is a mirror of the information an eye witness who was wandering on the beach, gave to the Portuguese police on May 5, 2007 describing how two men who handled a child wrapped in a blanket, was given to a couple waiting on a speed boat that immediately thereafter took off at high speed into the Ocean with the child on board. The witness described the speed boat as similar to the type used by the police to guard Portugal's international waters. The police ignored this information and kept instead on accusing the Mc Canns of killing their daughter. Neither Goncalo Amaral nor Paolo Cristovao are "irrelevant" in every single detail related to the Madeleine Mc Cann case. These men know what the rest of us don't but they will not tell us, and not because the secrecy law prohibits them from doing it, but because they are protecting the interest of those at elite levels whom they actually represent and work for.

World child abduction and trafficking related to paedophilia, has become a very lucrative business controlled by the same folks who control entire governments and corrupted politicians. When you deny that Madeleine Mc Cann was abducted, you are actually taking sides with the people who are responsible for this and other monstrous crimes against innocent children. You are not helping either by having a website called "truth-for-Madeleine" if you deny the truth itself. The poor, incompetent, and inadequate performance by the Portuguese police since the moment they were told about the disappearance of Madeleine was deliberately done in order to allow the criminal abductors to get away. Whoever did the actual kidnapping was probably doing it on behalf of those who had contracted the order by the "customer" who paid them well. Madeleine could have been taken to a private yacht anchored at high seas owned by a millionaire paedophile to be abused. It is very possible that Cristovao knows about this well and might be the reason why he makes a connection between the Sea and Madeleine in his statements. I suspect that he and Amaral know the truth, but what they know will never be known unless they are interrogated and investigated thoroughly by highly competent powers outside the corrupted Portuguese officialdom.

Paedophilia is deeply entrenched in both Portugal and Spain "cultural" idiosyncrasies to the core of activities related to human sexuality, but this fact is sought to be kept sub rosa from others with different moral and cultural traits or values; this is not to say that paedophilia isn't accepted and practised in other societies or cultures because that's in fact the case, but not in the way it is in Portugal and Spain. Paedophilia in these countries was "institutionalised" religiously and has thriven throughout centuries under the auspices of monarchical or ultra extremist ideologies of authoritarian regimes such as the fascist Franco dictatorship in the case of Spain, and Salazar in Portugal who ruled with an iron fist from the early 1930s to the late 1960s. These two countries are very similar in almost every way but Spain has a sort of an "upper" over Portugal in various historical and cultural elements, including the Portuguese language which is deep rooted in Galicia, Spain. They share very many "cultural values" amongst which hard core paedophilia holds a prominent preference in their depravity condition which they can disguise well. It is possible that most Anglos don't know these and other facts on the Spanish and Portuguese. I know because I am half Spanish myself. The Mc Cann family better take heed by realising that they are before extremist individuals who with their warped and radical ideologies related to perversion, and combined with great perverted wickedness, fully intended to abduct Madeleine for the purpose of keeping her permanently and impose whatever type of life --or death-- on her according to their plans. I have and will continue to maintain that unless clear evidence beyond any possible doubt shows the contrary, my strong suspicion will keep pointing at the corrupted Portuguese establishment --including the police-- as the culprit responsible for the abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann and other children on behalf of a perverted elite ruling class. All abductions of children in Portugal were a State crime due to their complicity. I base my suspicion on personal knowledge of the Portuguese and Spanish idiosyncrasies, traditions, bloody history, perverted proclivities, criminal mentality, corruption in all areas, and much more. It is based also on the performance by the Portuguese police since the very moment when they were informed about the disappearance of Madeleine. The Portuguese police deliberately failed to perform regular police duties because they already knew about the crime. They have never really searched for the child since they have known all alone what really happened and why. If the Mc Canns want their daughter back, they should consider seeking the direct involvement of those who have the means, resources and political clout apparently supporting them in the current hell they are now living. In combination with the investigation by private detectives, plus other police agencies unrelated to Portugal, it is possible to discover the truth and find Madeleine.

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