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The kidnapping of Madeleine McCann is linked to the Portuguese officialdom

The satanic Illuminati, heinous child abduction, and the cover up of crimes against humanity by their subordinates

"Whenever the establishment wants to cover up a crime or hide the real power behind it watch for police incompetence. You see it over-and-over not least in the case of Madeleine McCann, which has the hallmark of a professional kidnap to order..." 

The above statement was made by author David Icke who wrote an article on the subject of organized child abduction and the role of the officialdom in covering up monstrous crimes against humanity on behalf of the elite as their sponsors. The article was published at If the subject of organized child abduction and who is really behind it is of interest to you, it is suggested that you read the article written by David Icke. His website address is 

The complicity of the controlled media in crimes against humanity 

The large amount of media coverage on the case of Madeleine McCann, has contribute to raise consciousness on a heinous criminal activity that has been going on for decades without the elite-controlled mass media informing the public on the destructive magnitude of these extremely evil crimes against humanity. The complaisant role of complicity by the elite-controlled media, has been and continuous to be denying that child abduction has reached a massive scale that has produced epidemic proportions, and destruction of the victim's life and their families. Due to the successful media coverage, the case of Madeleine McCann has become the flagship (more-or-less) of victims by organized child abduction and vanishing which is promoted, abetted, financed, encouraged and more, by a satanic and perverted rich and powerful elite class controlling entire government affecting thereby all aspects of life for common people in society. If it were not for Internet websites containing non-conventional information on who is truly behind child abduction, we would not have the information that we have now on the subject. The elite-controlled media has not and will not go into depth to analyze in great detail all the intrinsic components related to child abduction, because that would be considered as an act of disobedience or "dissidence" to the evil and perverted status quo established by the elite to whom they are unconditionally subordinated. It can be dangerous to challenge the elite anywhere, particularly in countries where Zionist and masonic Illuminati descendants have a strong presence. Those who disobeyed them or turned against their satanic and perverted status quo --including John F. Kennedy-- were murdered or died in mysterious ways no one could explain objectively and coherently. Everything they do is extremely evil and sinister. Also, most largest media corporations are owned or controlled by Zionist-Masons who represent the interest of the Illuminati elite with headquarters in the UK. The satanic Illuminati is historically deep-rooted in Germany and 1776 is the year of its creation by a mason Jew whose name was Adam Weishaupt. The role of the elite-controlled Portuguese media in the case of Madeleine McCann, is an appropriate demonstration of the methods used by the establishment when they need to cover up heinous crimes committed on behalf of a rich, powerful and perverted elite class to whom they are subordinated. Since day one, the puppet Portuguese media started an scandalous well-planned orchestrated and very insidious smearing campaign against Geary and Kate McCann, designed to sidetrack the attention from kidnapping to the murder of Madeleine by her own parents according to plans elaborated by officialdom staff, very possibly the police, as part of their strategy to get away with the crime. The obviously false smearing campaign which demonized Geary and Kate McCann as the perpetrators of the supposed crime, served to reinforce the subsequent declaration of them being suspects ["arguidos"] on the false version death of their daughter, all without a shred of evidence. In reality this was done to buy time so that the abduction of Madeleine would be become settle according to plans. Moreover, throughout the whole "investigation" process the elite-controlled Portuguese media kept reinforcing the "murder" official version of which Goncalo Amaral was the most enthusiastic promoter. He continuous to claim that "Madeleine is dead" but without providing concrete evidence to back up his claim. He is hiding something else he knows. The most recent Portuguese media demonstration of complicity in covering up the abduction of Madeleine McCann, was an abrupt loud announcement made after the corrupt Portuguese Judiciary decided to lift the "arguido" status that was conveniently lodged against the McCanns. Even when not even Lawyers assigned to the case had received notification, officials at the Portuguese police authorized the public announcement made by one of the largest media group in Portugal. This action arouse great suspicion among the legal team working on the case and also on Clarence Mitchell who is the spokesman for the McCann family. In a video interview published on Internet by Sky News, Mr. Mitchell said that he seriously questioned the real purpose behind the premature public announcement and those responsible for the authorization. 

The complicity of the Portuguese police in crimes against humanity 

Beside those who for reasons of their own agree and support the Portuguese police version of what happened to Madeleine McCann the night she vanished, or those who even think that child abduction is acceptable, no one with normal common sense and decency will believe that all fatal blunders the Portuguese police made almost immediately after it was discovered that the child was missing, were merely the result of their sincere "incompetence." The results of the reckless Portuguese police performance were too obvious to conclude that they did not know what they were doing, that they are really incompetent, or are too stupid to have known better. None of these apply to the present case. Even in the most ignorant and backward Third World country, the local police know that an elementary procedure is to seal off the scene of the crime immediately in order to preserve evidence, as this is an important step towards the possible solution of a crime. Portugal is not geographically a Third World country but what is even worse, it is socially and "culturally" medieval with an idiosyncrasy prone to preserve traditions that were instilled at the historical time of its creation as a nation. Pedophilia is a serious business in Portugal and by extension, in Spain also as a result of their great "cultural" similarities. It is not by mere coincidence that Spain is the second largest consumer of child pornography in the world after the United States which is number one. The complicity of the Portuguese police to cover up the well-planned abduction of Madeleine McCann by pretending "incompetence" obeys to principles associated with their traditions, and within this context, all officialdom members will collaborate doing each one its own individual part aimed at preventing the truth from being discovered. This writer has stated before and will stated again as many times as necessary, that the answers to the still unanswered questions surrounding everything related to the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann, are within the corrupt Portuguese police structures who very probably elaborated the abduction plan. Moreover, ex-police Goncalo Amaral responsible for the "investigation" that never was and Paulo Cristovao are two key elements withholding the truth, as they are very likely to be part of the whole plan; these individuals know who abducted Madeleine, for what real purpose, where was she taken, and where she is now. The fairy tales by Amaral and Cristovao that "Madeleine is dead" and that "her body was dumped into the sea and is gone forever" are dissuasive tactics to create a sense of conformity into accepting the tragedy. Amaral and Cristovao are nothing but criminal thugs backed and legitimized by the Portuguese officialdom subordinated to the powerful and satanic elite who is ultimately responsible for the commission of the heinous crime. The McCanns seem to be very devoted to their religious believes, are highly intelligent professionals with higher education, and are law-abiding decent citizens as they have demonstrated throughout the living hell they are still going through. People with these characteristics are unlikely to resort to extra judicial methods to obtain real justice and is the main reason why they suffer as they do, as a result of deeds perpetrated by some on behalf of those who are responsible for the existence of evil. An intensive investigation is being conducted by professionals, but in the opinion of this writer, the case falls into the category of those where extra judicial action appears to be necessary in order to find and expose the truth. The McCanns are not likely to resort to anything that is not within legal boundaries. This, however, is not the case with some individuals, including this writer. If it were my daughter the victim with all the characteristics of the present case, I would call on our group to go capture Amaral and take him to a place where we would extract the truth from him by any means necessary. We would make sure he spilled his guts. Amaral and Cristovao are both torturers of defenseless women to obtain a criminal conviction to cover up another abduction and should get a taste of their own tactics inflicted upon others. They are part of and represent the Portuguese officialdom that is controlled by a powerful and satanic elite oligarchy on behalf of whom they are covering up child abductions within Portugal and Spain. We as common people should think of these men and others like them, as true monsters living amongst us unobtrusively while lurking as authentic evil predators, seeking personal gain at our expense by kidnapping our children on behalf of the devil. They and others like them are our enemies and should be dealt with accordingly.


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