Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take heed: Portugal and Spain can be highly dangerous and harmful places for children, due to their official corruption and paedophilia entrenchment

The abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann and the Portuguese police conspiracy to cover-up their crimes against humanity 

[...] "mere unfounded speculations accusing Gerry and Kate Mc Cann of killing their daughter are widely publicised while the known criminal background of some police officials is silenced..." 

What started by Gerry and Kate Mc Cann as a desperate effort to find their daughter Madeleine following her abduction and disappearance, the ruling elite controlled Portuguese media turned the tragedy into a macabre soap opera filled with wild speculations, false rumours, innuendoes, lies, and all type of manipulations aimed at diverting the public attention from focussing on what is now beginning to emerge as a real possibility: The Portuguese police could be solely responsible for the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann on the night of May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Adhered and subordinated unconditionally to the interests of the ruling class establishment, the Portuguese media echoed loudly the police version of what happened to Maddie on the night she disappeared from the room where she was sleeping. In an authentic charade that gradually escalated into a frenzy orgy, the Portuguese media continuously and intensively hammer away at the well premeditated and destructive version of the police, which accused Gerry and Kate Mc Cann of killing Maddie without a shred of valid evidence. The morbid Portuguese media circus sought to brainwash the public into acquiring a mental state in tune with the criminal police version of what did not actually happened. The well orchestrated Portuguese media campaign to demonise the Mc Canns has been amplified shamelessly by the Spanish media, whose incredible hypocrisy exceeds the limits of dignity in their contribution to help the Portuguese police obtain what they really want: Find a culprit and close the case as soon as possible and at any cost. This includes the Mc Canns losing their daughter for the rest of their lives. Why is the Spanish official establishment so keenly interested in helping the Portuguese police to end the case as soon as possible? We must not forget that several children were abducted and disappeared in Spain also during recent years and months, including Mari Luz Cortes, a five year old gypsy girl who went missing during early January in the town of Huelva in Southern Spain, which is not too far from the border with Portugal, and only 120 miles from Praia da Luz. The Portuguese and the Spanish are very similar in idiosyncrasies and in almost everything else, including "culture" and proneness towards criminality; they see each other almost like brothers and collaborate mutually when it comes to protecting their own interests.

Silent suspects

In the Portuguese media, no comments at all are ever made --let along questioning-- on the doubtful and suspicious criminal background of some police officials that were first assigned to work on the Mc Cann case. However, on the Internet there are thousands or even millions of people who study the many details of the case, are looking, and keeping abreast on its developments, including this writer; Many of these folks are Portuguese nationals while others are foreigners living in different parts of the Algarve, including Praia da Luz; they know details and things in their turf others don't just as is common in most tightknit small towns. It is through this system of people-to-people contacts that reliable information on Goncalo Amaral --who was the general co-ordinator in the Mc Cann case at the beginning-- was obtained regarding his involvement in the Casa Pia paedophile scandal in which children were abducted and disappeared. Mr. Amaral was also accused and indicted for severely beating and torturing Leonor Cipriano, mother of Joanna, who also disappeared near Praia da Luz in 2004. In that case, Joanna's mother was also falsely accused of killing her daughter and is now in prison for a supposed murder of a victim whose body was never found. Joanna is believed to have been kidnapped by a paedophile organisation and taken out of the country. Mr. Amaral lead the inquiries in that case along with four other police officers, and according to the criminal complaint against them, he viciously beat up and tortured Mrs. Cipriano and forced her to sign a confession which railroad her into a long prison term for a crime she did not commit. William Thomas, a British expert told Sky News that too many coincidences exist between the Joanna Cipriano and Madeleine Mc Cann cases to be ignored. Mr. Thomas, like many others, refuse to believe the Portuguese police version which accuses Gerry and Kate Mc Cann of killing Maddie. Meanwhile, in Portugal there is a highly intense silence and many are asking why Mr. Amaral with his criminal background was assigned initially to the Mc Cann case...  

The mysterious bald negro man

Like in the previous case, the Portuguese media does not mention anything about a bald negro man wearing sun glasses who appears in the background of a photograph, watching Madeleine with a grin on his face while she was playing with her father. The Portuguese police has refused to acknowledge and identify this man officially as a police officer, but those who know him have told sources that he is in fact a member of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) of Portugal. This man also appears in the company of other police man and Robert Murat in other pictures. Mr. Murat was declared "arguido" (suspect) in the Mc Cann case.

Is Robert Murat hiding something?

The Portuguese media has ceased to say anything about Robert Murat who is a police confident and translator. Mr. Murat is the same man who rented a car after the abduction and disappearance of Madeline Mc Cann, despite the fact that he owns three automobiles. Curiously also, is that although he is a resident of Praia da Luz, Mr. Murat wrote the address of his ex-wife in Norfolk, England on the car rental contract and a phone number that appears to be in Spain. But what is even more surprising, is that Mr. Murat registered the domain of his business in Internet (www.romigen.com) under the false name "Oberto Muray," and that a surreptitious Journalist took a picture of two women leaving his house during very late hours of the night, holding each one a child covered with a blanket. Mr. Murat is really a very particular individual within the context of the case related to the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann not too far from where he lives. His German girl friend Michaela Walczuch is still the wife of his friend Luis Antonio who works in maintenance at the Mark Warner Ocean Club, which is the place where Madeleine was abducted. Also very attention grabbing, is the great resemblance of Luis Antonio and Michaela, with a man and a woman who were seen at a service station off a road leading towards Spain, with a blond little girl after Madeleine's abduction and disappearance in Praia da Luz took place only hours before. Can all of these details be a mere coincidence? I think not.


The recent official statement made by Carlos Anjos of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) can be interpreted as a prelude, for an up-coming declaration to shelve the case related to Madeleine Mc Cann. It is a political sleaze tactic to prepare the public for the final official news on a case they knew about it long before actually occurring. Reading his statement that "we have more important problems than finding Madeleine" [sic] is not a surprise to those who have been analysing and closely following the many intrinsic aspects of the case, since the morning of May 4, 2007 when we first heard the news at wake up time. Mr. Anjos words are merely an official formality to start a process aimed at placing the abominable crime perpetrated against an innocent child, into a convenient social oblivion that will protect the interest of those truly responsible for the monumental inhumanity of the horrendous deed. Moreover, the official declaration of Mr. Anjos is not surprising either since we are familiar with the case of Leonor Cipriano. The only difference between that case and the present one, is that Mrs. Cipriano is suffering unjustly in prison while neither one of the Mc Canns are, probably because they are British and not Portuguese. If they were Portuguese they would be in the same or similar predicament Mrs. Cipriano is in now. We already know that sooner than later the "news" that Madeleine's case was shelved will be broadcast on prime time now that a prelude was introduced. When it happens, it will be the certification to legitimise the destruction of a child's life and her family, and the culmination of a well-elaborated criminal plan for whatever reasons. We can not prove it at this point, but have reasons to suspect on the basis of the truth the Portuguese police have been covering, that Madeleine and other children that were also kidnapped, are being kept hidden and locked away out of public view in a place under extra judicial conditions but with full official knowledge and consent. Possibly some where in southern Spain. We further believe that the abduction of Madeleine is a State crime, rather than the deed of one individual whose activities may be related to paedophilia.  The author very strongly suspects that Madeleine Mc Cann was abducted by one or more individuals connected to the Portuguese police.


Alexandre said...

To clarify, Mariluz Cortés doesn't hold any kind of relation with Madeleine or any other case.
Also, Robert doesn't represent the Cortés family in any shape, way or form.
For any inquire about the Mariluz case please dial the phone number on the posters that were published where Mariluz went missing. It's well known and made public by Mariluz family that :

1 - The cases are individual cases.
2 - Mariluz family and police are sure of santiago (Mariluz neighbour) envolvment in the crime.

Please read this RECENT article :


En declaraciones a Efe, Juan José Cortés ha dicho: "Entiendo el trabajo que tiene que hacer, porque es parte del trámite judicial que hay que hacer, pero escuchar que se pide la libre absolución es un peso más que tenemos que aguantar la familia".

"No tiene sentido cuando él se ha declarado culpable, es un asesino confeso en su primera declaración y sólo hay que esperar que el tribunal sea quien lo juzgue y le aplique la condena que se merece", ha concluido.

There is no conspiracy.
There is no link.
Robert doesn't represent the Mariluz family.

Alexandre said...

Robert, i’m a *BIG* friend of Diego Cortés, Mariluz uncle, and i assure you that THERE IS NO COVER UP. What happened was a judicial error, bur regarding the case itself or the crime itself all is as i stated.
PLEASE STOP SPREADING this kind of conspiracy theory because only brings more pain to the Cortés family and only serves the purpose to make people believe that santiago isn’t the guy who murdered Mariluz, when it’s known as a fact that he his.

Read here what the family of Mariluz have to say about the subject.


En declaraciones a Efe, Juan José Cortés ha dicho: “Entiendo el trabajo que tiene que hacer, porque es parte del trámite judicial que hay que hacer, pero escuchar que se pide la libre absolución es un peso más que tenemos que aguantar la familia”.

“No tiene sentido cuando él se ha declarado culpable, es un asesino confeso en su primera declaración y sólo hay que esperar que el tribunal sea quien lo juzgue y le aplique la condena que se merece”, ha concluido.

AS you might read MARILUZ FAMILY KNOWS that santiago is the murderer and IT’S NOT BEEN FRAMED BY POLICE.

You are talking without knowing a thing. Keep your conspiracy theory to other cases and keep away from what you don’t know.

Please don't involve Mariluz name and Mariluz family name in this.

We already have to bear the pain of loss of Mariluz, we don’t need that someone like you that spends the live libeling yourself with nonsense comments on other cases, where you go to the point of accusing a minister of the abduction of another child to come here and start to put poison on Mariluz case, that you don’t know anything about, and make people think that santiago is been framed or something like that, when in fact we know all the details of the process.

Again, Madeleine and all of the other missing children are one thing, Mariluz Cortés Suarez is another. And despite the fact that she is no longer among us we love Her alot, above anyone else, and we seek justice for Her.

Please notice that. And this is also a reply to the comment you have posted on Nigel and was deleted and if you want *proof* about what i'm talking about fell free to send me a e-mail to admin @ helptofindmariluz . com and we will discuss what you have posted on Nigel in private.

Alexandre G said...

Mariluz Cortés Suarez WAS NOT ABDUCTED. She was KILLED by a NEIGHBOUR that is a known pedophile. HER BODY APPEARED floating on a river in Huelva. It doesn't have anything to do with any other case of missing children or abducted children that vanished without trace. Mariluz died because santiago del valle (his neighbour) tried to touch Her in a "sexual way", She ended up hitting Her little head in the handrail of the stairs that lead to the enterence of the santiago house, and santiago among with his sister disposed the body wishing that they were not caught.

I want to stress out that even bofere police was called to the scene, Mariluz family broke inside the house of santiago, and he was suspect from the moment they notice Mariluz went missing.
Police found evidence that match santiago to Mariluz, like terrain type on the boots of santiago, and hair on the car of santiago sister, and there was a formal confession of santiago, and even santiago wife, who is not involved in the case, have testify against him, THERE IS NO COVER UP or Conspiracy in Mariluz case (fortunatly) and the only thing that really happen on that regard was the fact that santiago was free when in fact he should have been in jail.
That was a mistake from justice, or judicial system, or whatever, but it's not a conspiracy like you are describing on your blogs about other cases. Mariluz is Mariluz, the others are the others. For me it will allways be that way, so keep away from Mariluz case (that you aparently don't know a thing about) and go talk about all the other cases, all all of us will be happy.
I assure you that neither I neither anyone from Mariluz family will be happy to see coments that sugest that santiago was framed by police, or stuff like that, just get yourself informed and if you wish to do so call Mariluz family on the phone numbers that were on the poster when She went missing, but stop to put Mariluz name among all the other cases of missing children with faith unknown.

Mariluz body apeared, the other girls you talk about didn't. That should be enought for you to think that if it's a conspiracy indeed, Mariluz case it's out of it, leave the conspiracy for the other cases then, but not for Mariluz.

We know where She is now, and for Her there is no more suffering and that is all that matters really, apart from getting Her some justice. Yes, i'm a selfish guy who only cares about Mariluz above any other children, but at least in relation to Her, and despite of the tragedy, we know what happened to Her, and we know that it could have been way to worse.

I wouldn't like to be on the shoes of any other person who don't know where his/him little girl is. You don't have a clue about what that is. It is not a game or a subject to treat as a joke, or to play of illuminaty, or to blame a certain minister for the kidnaping of a girl, you can do all of that on the other cases, if you wish so, and libel yourself as much as you want, ang get banned from forums for doing so, and pay for what you say, because one is entitled to his/her own free will and choices, so do whatever you do or want and i will not care less, but don't talk about Mariluz and about what you don't know regarding Her, because you will be crossing the line, and i will be here to defend Her memory and Herself as the person i treasure the most, and of course, Her family.

Best regard,